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1988 2655 Ciera Sunbridge-gctid360896

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    1988 2655 Ciera Sunbridge-gctid360896

    Well after so long we weather started to I could start my project....the name of the boat is Nessie



      Yes the boat is a mess and smelly.....every boat I got (total of 2 lol) they


        Keep the progress moving and the pictures coming!!!


          I did a lot today but no camera tomorrow I take more pics....






                The Dehumidifier is running the last few days dry all the water....

                Well I got my boat inspected yesterday....

                The guy was very positive saying I got a very good deal....the boat is not perfect but nothing rotten to hell.... I am so revealed

                What was found.....

                *two top windows have to be resealed that's why I have sooooo much water inside

                *my bottom "hole" is a easy fix according to him nothing structure was damaged

                *my after cab bild pump has to be replaced

                *the floor in front of the stairs is a bit too wet not soft yet but nothing to be worried according to him.......but If I am pick enough I could cut and replace it. But I gonna wait after everything is 100% dry

                *the drive shoulb be opened and checked and resealed

                *motor is fine but the only thing I didnt like with his visit he didnt took the compression of motor but I can do that myself after was a friend of a friend that did the inspection for me FOR FREE!!!

                Gonna pull the drive out this week and send to be checked and resealed


                  Saturday after the inspection drove almost 200 miles or 300 km around to choose and get the stuff that I need....

                  Got the new headliner material to replace the damaged sections and add a few places that I want to.

                  Narrowed the options for flooring

                  Choose the new formica for the cabinets

                  Choose the new upholstery fabric/vinyl

                  God was a crazy day.....oncer 20 different places to find all I wanted.....

                  Keep it tunned for the next chapters of my


                    well I had some free time on friday and started redoing my cabinets....






                          Looking good Alex. I wish I took pics along the way. We have almost the identical boat. :-)

                          I can't wait to see what you do with the interior.



                            My wife is driving me nuts.... lol

                            One day she wants darker floors the other she wants lighter...... I went in over 10 flooring

                            Keep in touch I willl keep posting pictures....


                              I will be watching this thread until completion! Love the work so far and cannot wait to see it done.