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    Ciera 2150 Repower-gctid503198

    Thursday I was able to drive the donor boat, a 1987 Ciera 2550 13 miles up the Hudson River to my local ramp. I wasnt comfortable towing it as it has a 9'6" beam.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40762-image.jpg[/img]It was a beautiful night and my brother in law drove his boat down and followed me up just in case of problems. This was my view when I was about 2 miles away. (Mid Hudson Bridge)

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40763-photo.JPG[/img]Friday I backed my 2150 up under a big oak tree with a good solid limb and pulled the 3.0L.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40764-image.jpg[/img]I figured that would be a great time to clean my bilge.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40765-image.jpg[/img]I then backed the 2550 under the tree and pulled out the 5.7.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40766-image.jpg[/img]I was also able to utilize the power steering from the 2550 as mine wasn't originally equipt.On the same day I was able to drop in the 5.7 into my 87' Ciera 2150 and make all the connections. The wiring harness' were identical on both boats. I did have to use the tach out of the donor boat.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/807759=40768-New 5.7 in place.JPG[/img]Saturday morning I installed the proper oudrive and my project was complete. I also changed the outdrive oil, installed new gimble bearing and changed the engine oil.Sunday my wife and I took it out and it ran flawlessly! I'm using a 14-1/2" x 19 pitch prop.I was able to run 40mph @ 4000rpm. It still had some left but i didn't want to push it to much on the first day out.

    I also have a ciera 2150 sunbridge, with a 4-cyl. I was thinking of moving up to a 4.3 v-6. as a first choice. maybe up to 5.7. my question is does the donor have to be same boat , or just same mfg on engine and outdrive. mine is omc cobra 120hp with compression check at 120# on 1 and 2 and 110# on 3 and 4.. I have a 14 x 13p prop . it will not plane out and top speed is 10mph top rpm is 2500.


      I was fortunate enough to find the same year boat. The 5.7 was an option for the 2150 so it the wiring harness was identical. I just disconnected the 3 cannon plugs and they plugged right into mine. I did have to build up the stringers to accommodate for the 5.7 motor mounts. I don't believe the 4.3 was an option for the 2150 so you may have to do some rewiring. How loaded down were you? With 2 adults and two kids I could top out at around 27mph @ 3800rpm. That was with a 13p 14" prop. Hope this helps.