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    Head Replacement-gctid359521

    Not completed yet, but thought I'd do a 'progress report'.

    We had the standard jabsco manual heads on the boat and finally decided to replace both. Because of the design of the forward head, the 'shelf' that it sits on is quite narrow and was a limiting factor.

    We originally wanted to use Dometic 8100 units, but it wouldn't fit up front. So I installed one in the rear head, but have a Tecma Low Profile Standard unit on the way for the front. We'll see which one we like best. The tecma has a bigger amp draw, requiring #8 wire. It also wants a 1.5" drain, unlike the 8100 which can use a 1"..way easier to work with.

    Project has been way nastier then I'd have liked. Went something like this:

    First thing was pump out, rinse repeat total of 3 times. Not perfect, but most of the really bad mung was out of the tank.

    Decided to replace all the lines, just cuz. I don't think the existing ones were terribly old, but it was one of those 'since you're in there...' deals.

    The lines were 1.5", including waste line from the head to a Y valve, one side of Y valve to overboard discharge, other side to the head, head up to deck pump out and head up to macerator.

    Getting all those lines out was a crazy pain in the butt and I ended up using a sawsall to cut them up before removing.

    First thing I found was that one of the Y valves was cracked and had been leaking...for a long time. No wonder it was all but impossible to keep the bilge smelling decent. It had been leaking long enough that I had to use a putty knife to scrape things clean. ick.

    Also pulled the raw water lines from the through hulls up to each toilet, since I'm using fresh water on the new ones.

    Got everything torn out, plugged the bolt holes from the old heads with epoxy and thought about running the new drain and supply lines, plus power. The old lines came though the side of the bathroom, and were exposed. I decided to run everything in the chase that ran behind everything. That meant cutting new holes for waste and water supply lines so the toilets would slip over them and everything would be hidden. Leaves me with a couple holes in the side wall of each bathroom. I'm backing the holes with a fiberglass patch from the rear side and will probably use epoxy to finish. The trouble is that the holes in both baths are on a compound curve, so it's going to be a challenge to get things smooth and looking decent.

    Finally got the rear one all fitted, plumbed, wired and working today. Got the almost normal size seat so everyone is happy.

    Will try and get a few pictures of parts of the project, if I remember my camera.

    Not a horrible project if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and can deal with the smells for a bit...and if you don't have a broken Y valve..