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VR5 optional lighting

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    VR5 optional lighting

    I have already ordered our new VR5 and I did get the optional interior and exterior lighting packages. I asked the dealer at the time if the exterior lighting switch could differentiate between the docking and the stern underwater lights, he said they could, but I can't seem to find a single picture of the helm of a like-equipped boat to see the switch set up. Does anyone have these options? And will you please describe how the switches are laid out? Or even provide a pic?? Thank you very much!!
    2021 VR5 250hp on order
    1992 Kayot 200 Limited 5.8L Cobra

    They are separate switches, and both are on the main switch panel below the steering wheel (left or right, can't remember). They are just marked as "accessory" which is kind of ghetto in my opinion, but they are on separate switches. Same switch bank that the bilge pump, etc is on. Just imagine the switch banks fully filled up with switches, which I think they all are even when you don't get the options, but that is what it looks like.

    Again, I hate the lack of marking from the factory, but the lights themselves are awesome and I'm totally glad I got them.

    A fully equipped VR is a really nice boat. The extras really make it feel like a class higher than it is.

    Sort of like buying a Toyota or Honda instead of getting a Lexus or Acura, but getting all of the trim options. It's still a Honda, but a really nice Honda. That's what I did with my Honda Pilot. Super nice car but of course it isn't an Acura - but I like it and that is what matters.


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      Thanks for the response! This is our first new boat so it was really fun ordering everything how we wanted it.

    I custom order mine as well in 2017 but due to my location and conditions I would be using my boat I opted NOT to get the docking lights and the exterior lights. I did get the interior lights and like mentioned above the marking is simply labelled as Accessory. Mine is on the left bank of steering.