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2017 VR5 Cooling System

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    2017 VR5 Cooling System

    During a discussion with a co-worker and me showing him how the water drain dial works by twisting it open and having the raw water drain out into the bilge, he asked me if I was worried about restarting the engine without water being in the impeller.

    The discussion came about because of course our boating season here in Ontario Canada is nearing the end and I explained that now that some nights drop below freezing after each ride I twist the drain valve open and drain the raw water from the engine. That's when he asked about re-starting the engine next time I go out and having the impeller possibly be dry and possibly prematurely wearing it out.

    So what do you guys think about this Water Drain Valve system, should this ONLY be used at the end of year or can this be used multiple occasions for what I'm doing with it ???

    That engine has a car-like engine water pump that circulates the water in the block.

    If it is dry due having the block drained.......that is not a problem.

    Starting it "dry" after draining.......(with muffs hooked up or sitting in the water) is not a problem as the pump body quickly fills with water.

    The engine block water pump does not have a flexible impeller that has surface to surface contact.......the vanes do not touch any surface.

    Now the lower unit impeller/water pump is a different story.

    It should always have a source of water supplied to it......either muffs or with it sitting in a body of water.
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      Thanks VR5200, I did not know that about the water pump for the engine. I never ran the engine dry meaning either it's in the water or has the muffs on the drive.