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Mercruiser 3.0 2004 Bayliner 175 Starter Removal

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    Mercruiser 3.0 2004 Bayliner 175 Starter Removal

    I’ve gone through many of the posts on replacing the starter on my 175 and it appears that there are 2 main bolts holding it on that have to be taken out from underneath. I’ve tead some people have done the replacement and I plan to do the same thing. Curious to know if there are any tips or tricks in getting those 2 bolts out. I can get a wrench on them but it’s hard to get any leverage and torque on them.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    I had to change out my 1998 starter around 2002. (it got ruined and it was all my fault)

    I just used hand tools to remove and install it.

    I can not remember any tricks but for some reason I think I did have to try several times to get it lined up and the bolts properly started by hand.

    The nice thing these days is that you can use a smart phone and take pictures/video of everything before.....during....and after the job.
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      Thank you for the reply. I'll be trying the replacement this weekend.


        disconnect the batteries first, and when the wires are removed from the starter, use a zip tie to keep all the wires from the individual studs gathered and grouped together. its not a good feeling when you change out a hard to reach component and then you find something doesnt work right after you're finished... which is usually because a wire got missed and is still hanging, or was put in the wrong place...

        there is no secret to removing the starter, but just some ingenuity in finding a way to get the leverage needed..... most all boats are set up a little different (some starters are extremely difficult to get to) so we cant really tell you how to do it in your boat, but in a lot of cases if you have no patience and try to hurry, it is only going to make it more difficult and cause mistakes.
        and working by "feel" with only one hand, when you cant see the component, can be very difficult when you have never done something like that before, but with patience and some "thinking outside the box", you can make it happen....

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          One thing I notice folks doing is trying to "force it"...a bigger hammer mentality. If you find yourself exerting mote power than needed, take a breather, often that is because of frustration. These parts are not designed to force, they fit, when all is aligned and right....have fun, its a good feeling when you accomplish new task!


            And only use a Marine starter, none of the chinese knockoffs. Don't ask how I know!
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              Best advice I can give is to get a telescoping magnet and have it will drop tools and bolts into bilge.

              when I swapped mine, I also threw a towel in bilge. If ya drop something the magnet doesnt grab you can just pull towel toward ya to retrieve it.

              other suggestion...if your swapping marine starters, you can have auto part store bench test the new one before replacement.....its rare to get a bad one but worth doing just in case as it's a cumbersome swap out.

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