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2001 Capri 175 startup issues

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    2001 Capri 175 startup issues

    Good afternoon all!

    Just looking for some ideas as to what is going on with my boat.
    Just purchased it but remembered it is 20 years old and probably needs some love.

    The boat fires up right away in the driveway and at the launch pad.

    Once I do a lap or two around Lake Mead(usually no more then 30 mph, 3-4,000 rpms, 20-30 mins max on a 3.0 Mercruiser) and park the boat for 2-3 hours, the boat will not restart. It cranks but won't turnover and idle. Thought it was vapor lock and sprayed carb spray and it still wouldn't turn over.
    First thought battery, which was replaced, not the issue.
    Sprayed carb spray thinking vapor lock- no luck.
    Luckily a mechanic was on the lake and manually started the boat with a screw driver/flat head.

    I know its something small, and I have plenty of time if its simple. But wanted to run it by those with experience.

    Fuel delivery? Dirty carbs? Should I blend gas with some carb cleaner or?

    All boat mechanics in town are booked till August.

    Please Help!

    Thanks All

    Check for spark when this occurs, may be a bad ignition coil.
    1997 Maxum 2400 SCR 5.7LX Bravo II



      I agree the coil could be going bad, and once it is heat soaked, it does not develop the proper output.

      During the misbehaving period, you need to check for spark...….caution- you might get zapped doing so!

      I would also pull and look at the spark plugs and make sure they are free of deposits, have the proper gap, and have sharp edges.

      If the plugs look old and worn, replace them...….that can also aggravate any coil issues.

      That 3.0 is a great, reliable motor.

      Not sure when the last tune up was, so pop the cap and look at the rotor and plug wires to make sure they are decent.

      Welcome to BOC!
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        Plus two on the coil. This is a great chance to get an induction timing light, not that I’m a tool junky or anything. That way you can connect the battery leads and the clip to any plug wire and the light will flash if you have spark. If you don’t have a helper, tape the trigger open and point the light where you can see it while operating the key. There’s also a resistor wire leading to the coil that is a possible point, but less likely.
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          Thanks for all your responses!
          I changed all the spark plugs and figured I’d change out the ignition coil and wires after looking at the spark plugs! Any guesses on when these were last swapped(joking don’t tell me). Checking these off the list of inspections for this year.


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            Can you say never?

          It takes a long time for rust like that to develop on a plug unless it is sitting under a water leak.
          Present Boat- 2018 VR5 4.5/200hp Mercruiser
          Last Boat- 1998 Capri 1950CL 3.0 Mercruiser