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    Wifi / Internet on a Boat

    I've been doing a lot of research on internet on a boat. Looking for suggestions or any ideas on getting WIFI or Internet into the boat. I have seen some articles on the Bullet 2HP, the MikroTik Metal 52AC and using an Omni Antenna, and a POE. Has anyone on here done a modification or addition to their boat using either of these 2 items or any other?

    Not sure if this helps any: I’ve been using my cell phone to create a WiFi hot spot for streaming movies etc to my Roku and onboard tv. Everything els is done via cell signal with phones & tablets.
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      That's a lot of expensive hardware but as they say "garbage in garbage out", meaning you still need a good signal source to start with.

      Are you trying to get high-speed internet access on the water or at a slip?
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        You haven't said where your boat is. I know from experience on Vancouver Island and the sunshine coast most marina's have ShawGo Wifi at the docks if you are a Shaw customer at home. The cell phone hotspot solution is not practical as I can't get unlimited data. I am with Bell Canada for my cell service and TV service which costs almost $300 a month and gives me 4 gig of cell data. They allow me to stream the TV on the phone for free but they won't let me cast it from the phone to a TV so I am forced to watch on my phone which I don't. I do have a NAS (network attached storage) box on board with a lot of downloaded TV and movies which we watch while away from the dock.

        If you are US based then there are a couple of good threads here with a lot of alternative solutions if you search the forums. Hope this helps.
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          I apologize. We have a slip at the marina that has WIFI but we usually dock in a cove that is fairly close to our Marina or there are a couple of other Marinas near some of the other coves we hang out at. I was reading that an antenna can pick up a WIFI signal from a few miles away if the conditions are right. We can use a Hot Spot from my cell, just looking for alternative ideas, because some areas of the lake we don't get good cell service.


            If it was me I might try a long range wifi adapter first and/or repeater at your slip that can boost the signal strength if possible. I used to use long range wifi adapters from radioLabs back when I was trying the same thing years ago. Some of that stuff worked pretty good to get longer distance.
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              Chris and Cherie at and have pretty much all the info you could ever want on what works, what doesn't and how-to. Steve Mitchell at also has a ton of great information about getting signal onboard as well as all other tech on a boat.
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                I installed a Microtik Groove AC antenna and a Microtik router. The Groove picks up usable signals from quite a distance and there are many Comcast / Infinity hotspots to access if you have an account.

                Configuration can be a huge PITA though. I lost hair doing mine.
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                  I have a Cradlepoint router on my boat to create a local network just like at my land based home.

                  Things connect to the network. The security/monitoring system, cameras, printer, apple tv, plus our bring aboard devices.

                  For a internet connection we have dual cellular modems with a sim card from two different carriers. Backing this up we have KVH mini Vsat service.

                  Not cheap, but as far as I can tell, this represents the state of the art in mobile broadband.

                  I run my business from the boat, and use a Cisco phone that VPN’s back to our office PBX system.

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                    I installed this in our boat last weekend, works for wifi, sets up a wireless network on the boat, I wasn't concerned about cellular.

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                      I was recently looking at the pre-paid (cellular) access points. The reviews are good, they are relatively inexpensive and you just buy a prepaid with as many Gb as you need and off you go. The only downside is the cards expire after 30 or 60 days and you loose any unused minutes. While the cost isn't tremendous I still hat eto waste the money knowing I probably won't drain the card before it expires. Should we get to a point where we are on the boat for multiple days at a time then this might become a viable option but this past year it's been hard enough to use the boat at all. :-(

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