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    Hard pull Starboard

    Im hoping to find a fix for a new to me boat. I recently purchased a used 1985 Bayliner Capri 1600 BR. It is the 85 hp Force motor mounted to it. Upon its maiden voyage it wanted to pull starboard hard. It took a lot to hold it straight and when i gently let go of the wheel it tried to turn right on it’s own. I’ve looked at the trim tab on the motor and it is already set to it’s furthest starboard direction. What suggestions do you guys have to correct this problem?

    Other information I can give is that it’s a Quicksilver Aluminum prop. 13.25 x 17p


      There’s probably a tab just behind the prop that is probably also an anode. Loosen that tab and rotate it. If it’s rotated to one side, rotate it the opposite direction but only about half as much. Experimentation will get it to the point where you can take your hands off the wheel and the boat will continue that direction.
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        did you try trimming the drive up or down when it was pulling so hard?.....

        how far below the bottom of the hull does the anti-cavitation plate set when the drive it trimmed full down? (use a straight edge laid along the keel line and extend it out past the transom to get a good solid measurement)...

        is it a left hand rotation or right hand rotation prop?....

        what condition is the prop in?... a damaged prop can cause this when it cant get the water to flow over the trim tab enough to let the tab pull in the opposite direction..

        normally, a right hand prop on an outdrive would have the trailing edge of the trim tab laying to port 3-4 marks.....

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          I had that issue on my outboard. It was the outboard anode not adjusted properly.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	aefedde4-2d6f-4bf9-9a01-fa486cbddc13_1.8090fb259f2fa0edbd01a690fb90f8c1.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF.jpg
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            I’ll have to take a picture when I get home. Being new to boating, i’m not sure if it is a left or right hand prob, nor if it is in good shape.

            Don9. That is what i’m thinking the issue is. Did you have your anode pointing left to correct a right hand pull? Or was it the opposite where you had to point it right to correct a right hand pull?


              Ok here is a picture of the lower unit and prop. The center of the prop looks like it is dead center with the bottom of the boat. I don’t know if the prop is a left hand or right hand prop.


                Prop appears to be a right handed prop. Try this video for trim tab adjustment.


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                  Looks like the skeg (bottom fine of drive) may have slight twist in it. Dont try and bend it as it will likely break and should be able to compensate with adjustment mentioned above.

                  Also....from the pic posted I dont see a cutter pin on the prop shaft....could be angle of pic, but check to make sure one (stainless) is installed so you dont lose the prop and have to row back...
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