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Need advice! Installing cd player

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    Need advice! Installing cd player

    I have a 85 capri 1950 with the factory cassette in the glove box and needles to say after 30 plus years one speaker channel has failed. I would like to replace it but i would also like to just take the glovebox out and install an adapter to install a single din. Does anyone know if there is such a thing out there to make this happen?

    I don't know if there is something that is 'plug and play' that is available, but give serious consideration to going to something that has a usb input.

    You can then use an mp3 player, (or mp3's from phone) or even a usb 'stick' loaded with songs.

    Something tiny like the lexar jumpdrive S45 series is available in sizes up to 128GB.
    I keep (iirc) 40 or 45 hours of music on a 4 GB stick (its was a 'give-away freebee)

    The portion of the S45 series that stick out from the usb slot is tiny, reducing the chances of if getting hit/snagged and causing physical damage.
    (About the same size as the receivers commonly used for Bt computer mice.)


      I grappled with the same issue on my '94 2556. While cars have standardized on a single or double DIN slot so you can just slide a new radio in, the radio in my 2556 was just bolted to a hole cut in the wood panel next to the cabin helm. The space was big enough for a standard single-DIN radio (actually a double-DIN probably would've fit too). But I had to gerry-rig a metal strap to hold the radio in place (strap screwed to wood, bolted to rear of radio). I had to make a custom molex connector for the speaker output too, which I documented in this thread. I suppose you could craft a single-DIN receptacle. But does that really make sense if you're only planning to change the radio once? Doesn't seem like it would be worth the effort unless you plan to change the radio every few years.

      Try to avoid radios with touchscreens. They're nearly impossible to use on a rocking boat, and completely impossible if you're underway bouncing on waves. Knobs and buttons work much better. If you really want to use a touchscreen, get a radio with Bluetooth. You can connect your phone to it then, and use its touchscreen to stream songs to the radio. This works better than a touchscreen on the radio because your phone is held in your hand, so both it and your pointing finger end up bouncing together, meaning less undesired relative motion between the two.

      I made sure to get a radio model with a USB port. But after playing with it, I think CDs are a better way to go (the model I got was on a closeout sale, and happens to have a CD player). Since there's a single USB port, you'll end up putting all your songs on a single USB flash drive. Then you'll have to mess around with the buttons and knobs on the radio to find the playlist you're in the mood to play. That turns out to be very difficult to do if you're underway.

      OTOH, modern radios can play MP3 files off a CD, which at 3-5 MB per song ends up meaning you can put 100-200 songs on a CD. So I think what I'm going to do is just burn each of my playlists to a separate CD. Then when I'm in the mood for a certain playlist, I can just grab the appropriate CD out of a folder and jam it in the radio. I suspect that'll be a lot quicker and easier on a rocking/shaking boat than trying to read the display while trying to turn the knob the right amount and pushing the right buttons. (I'm currently streaming music from my phone via Bluetooth, but would like something which works with just the radio alone.)

      I suppose you could do that same thing with multiple USB flash drives. But they're a lot smaller so they're easier to lose if you accidentally drop it (which I'm sure will never happen aboard a rocking boat). And they're not flat so don't store as easily as CDs. I tried looking for a radio which would take SD cards (can be lost, but they're flat so store easily). But apparently most manufacturers stopped making them a couple years ago.
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        I would avoid CD. Just not happening any more. Nothing wrong with getting one but do make sure it has a Bluetooth and even USB function for a wireless connection, seems like this is the future and here to stay for quite some time. Much better off putting a thousand songs on a thumb drive or streaming than 12 songs on a cd.
        Cheers, Hans
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          I agree with post above. I would skip the CD player models and go for a "Mechless" unit. They are also much easier to install because they are much smaller (depth)


            Oh I intend to install a mechless stereo I just want to know if they make something to just replace the glove box entirely with like a flip up door. The kind you see in modern boats.


              Originally posted by Khaos2005 View Post
              Oh I intend to install a mechless stereo I just want to know if they make something to just replace the glove box entirely with like a flip up door. The kind you see in modern boats.
              after removing the "glove" box, you will have to make a custom cover for the hole, either wood, dark colored plexiglass or another type of plastic, and then cut a single DIN hole in it for the mechless player...

              as your post title says "installing CD player" would lead one to believe you were going to install a mechanical unit to play CD's... a mechless unit cannot play CD's.
              the mechless units are by far the best choice, as they are so light that dont need additional support to keep from bouncing in the mounting during rough traveling, and there are no moving parts to wear out, jam, skip or cause any other issues.
              I am not a fan of CDs now, but like cassettes were better than 8track players, CD's are much better than cassettes, and then came the AUX port... and now the usb capability is far better than an aux port as it allows charging of the ipod/phone/mp3 player while playing music without a tangle of wires.... and a memory stick loaded with music at home and can be left on the boat all the time... blue tooth is a great option also.

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                Yeah my description is kinda misleading. Sorry about that. If I may what my plan has become is to actually build a box that will fit inside the actual glovebox once I have drilled the rivets out that hold the stereo bracket and just go from there I will post pictures when I'm done.


                  My boat came with an AudioVox cassette/AM/FM radio mounted in the dashboard.. I've gone through several designs over the years, including 2 VHF-FM radio and ADF receiver. I used Starboard for my new layouts, screwing it to what was left of the original dashboard. Starboard is easy to work with; the only disadvantage is that glue doesn't stick. (Although I think there is an adhesive available n ow, but it was too expensive for me.(
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                    I go a different way......and its cheaper too.
                    I use Amazon music and Bluetooth speakers.
                    It goes where I go.
                    You can play all your favorites, or opt to their stations.


                      my boat doesnt have a radio. BUT, i like island eddies idea of bluetooth.
                      i'm going to run as follows:
                      cerwin vega b54 amp
                      4 polk audio db speakers

                      im a harley guy so im used to speakers. the amp ive listed is a 4 ch, the db speakers are 4ohm so i can actually run 8 of either/or/combo 6.5 and 6x9

                      i would NOT run these on a harley anymore, ive been through several sets of mm and it's just a waste of money when the tweeter stalks go from vabrations and not being able to use the grills.

                      my plan would be to run 6x9 up front because the sound will project back at you while in motion and 6.5 in the back because you hear them 2 when slower paced. i can add a 2 super tweeters in the dash.
                      my current harley build is getting pioneer pro 6.5 and 8"
                      i'd feel comfortable running the same setup in my boat.

                      ultimately, because i have a cuddy cab, i will bride 2 x 6.5. 1 set in the cab and 1 set towards the back of the boat then the 6x9 on their own ch near the dash
                      the amp will run off my mp3 player/phone with a rca-2.5mm plug with a PAC in-line filter.