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1997 Capri 1950 CL Prop Replacement Question

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    1997 Capri 1950 CL Prop Replacement Question

    Hi all, first time boat owner here. Purchased this 1997 Capri 1950 (hull id G99CLL697) with the 3.0 Mercruiser Alpha One LX a couple weeks ago. The prop was already rough when I got it and then through inexperience I may have hit some rocks or something in a shallow part of my lake.
    So with all the nicks and turned up edges I decided to replace the prop.
    The numbers on the old prop were pretty hard to read:

    but came to the conclusion it said 48-832832A45 21R. I then ordered this from Amazon. It came with the Flo-Torque II kit as well.

    Removal went smoothly. The old prop did not have a similar flo-torque set up though. There was a ton of fishing line wrapped around the base of the spindle which I removed. Behind the bottom plate (I dont know the correct term...bearing? When installed the prop sits against it.) was a very corroded piece. I am not sure what it is/was but decided to play it safe and put it back knowing I can remove it later.

    Please see the below pics. What is it? Is it needed? Can I order a new one?

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