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    Hello from Tennessee and a Question about an AMP Install-gctid406756


    Just recently purchased a 2006 175BR. So far I am very pleased with it. I have watched these threads for a week or two now and I enjoy the atmosphere that is a part of this forum. Thanks up front for all the information I already gleaned from you all and all the information I will get in the future.

    For my question. Has anyone installed an amp in their 175? I have an MTX Thunder 3404 4 channel 50 amp per channel that I would like to install along with a set of speakers up front. Does anyone know if this will require an additional battery or have any pitfalls or advise from experience.

    Again, thanks for your help and I look forward to returning the favors as time goes on.

    I have a 185 with a 600 amp 4 channel set up and we park (rafting) with it on for 4 or 5 hours at a time. Boat always starts with no problems. I see no need for another battery as long as you have a good one installed.


      I have installed a bit of a stereo in my 2007 175...

      Consist's of;

      Fushion iPod head unit


      6 x 6" Fushion speakers

      1 x 8" Bazooka sub

      1 x JBL Digital 400w amp (running everything!)

      For safety I pissed of the standard battery and got a larger Marine specific dual purpose starting and deep cycle battery, have had no issues :-)


        I installed a very nice sounding system in my 185.

        look at my sig

        transom remote

        blue sea dual battery switch with 1 marinbe deep cycle and 1 cranking /deep cycle battery.

        I have yet to run my original battery down, but am prepared if it happens. Subwoofers suck power. So if you install one or two of them, you should get another battery.


          I would wire up a second deepcycle. You dont wana be the guy asking for a jump and the deepcycle will keep that stereo going alot longer


            I went a different route. I upgraded my head unit and went with high efficiency speakers to get clean sound at lower levels. I can still create a decent thump and enjoy clean highs. I have no interest in providing music for others on the lake.

            The Polk speakers have ratings of 92 to 93dB. The bazooka passive sub is at 91dB. We have plenty of sound running at 17w RMS, max 50w. With the high efficiency speakers, we enjoy the music in and out of the boat without installing an amp, and have never had battery issues.

            Just my .02.


              Welcome aboard !

              I have a cheap am / fm cd player and speaker set i bought at wally world on sale whole thing was 35 bucks.
              Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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                This all depends really. I have an aftermarket all sony stereo on my boat, factory battery but no amp or subs so i suck very little power at all and don't have much to input to the thread there. But I can say that batteries, if properly maintained, should be fine running an amplifier for a few hours. I often go to the drive-in and watch the two movies back to back with the family. We take my pick-up truck and sit in the bed. The drive-in does the FM transmission so we listen to the movies over the truck stereo. I have a doozy of a stereo in there and do not have a capacitor (and should have at least a 1 Farad), and the truck starts no problem every time. I am by no means an electrician but I offer this:

                For now you are fine on the one battery you have, install the stereo and enjoy it. Then... once that battery is shot, upgrade to a good deep cycle marine battery, or possibly two, and you will be A-OK.


                  I appreciate all the responses. I think I will try to do the install without another battery. I will surely keep an eye on the voltmeter just to be sure. I will let you know if there are any issues so we can ensure no one else has the same problem.

                  Again, thanks you all.


                    Also what you can do is buy a jumper pack and bring it with you (not that you will need it) for pice of mind. The nice part of a boster pack is you can use it anywhere not just in the boat. food for thought.


                      No need for a second battery if:
                      • you do not care about re-starting your engine.
                      • friends with jumper cables and a good battery are near by.
                      • you can push start and fire up your boat's engine.
                      • you can rope start and fire up your boat's engine.
                      • you carry a "Jump Box" (which should actually be your second battery bank in the first place)

                      Seriously, you'll be enjoying your music, and may draw down your cranking battery and may not be able to start your engine.

                      I think that a second battery bank is necessary.

                      Take that weight/space that would otherwise be used for a Jump Box, and add a second batt bank.

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                        In referring to systems in a boat. Its not like if the battery goes dead you can just walk to shore.

                        IMO if on a boat if any secondary electronics will be run when the engine is off you need a separate batteey.
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                          To me the cost of installing a 2nd battery in a small bowrider is not worth it. You need to buy battery plus cables plus hold down plus a Battery Isolator Switch. Then you need to rember to charge it once in a while with the switch and so on. Cost of this is around 300 bucks (for good stuff). You can buy a jump pack for 60 to 80 bucks and leave it pluged in to the boat power outlet (cig light) and let the boat keep it charged. There are alot of us with small bowriders that run amps and so far no one has said it kills there battery!


                            After all the responses, I agree that since I can't push start it on the lake, a jump pack is my best solution. Never thought about it.

                            Thanks again to all.