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Prepping floor to Install Seadek in 2000 1850LX

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    Doing this exact same thing with my 185BR now will keep you updated with progress.

    I do have a question for the pros though... I have a little damp rot on the surface. after a good sand and prep I intend to put down a coat or two of (Ronseal?) wood hardener before glassing and cannot get epoxy resin so have bought Poly resin instead with a gelcoat to top it off.

    6 Kgs of resin and 6 kgs of white gelcoat... 6 square meters of thick chop strand fibre for the same size floor space.

    Will the wood hardener be ok under the resin or should I just coat the deck in diluted resin first as a primer?
    Oh and how the hell do I get under the front bowrider (fibreglass) cap without inviting the cap at the rubbing strip... I do not want to do this!!!

    Any advice greatly recieved.


      Finished my floor!

      two to three layers of glass and a lot of gelcoat in the end; probably 10 kgs by the time I'd sanded and repeated 3 times...

      Click image for larger version

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        That floor looks great! Inspiration to do mine that way instead of just laying down new carpeting. Did you have to do the glass or do you think just resin be ok then the gelcoat?

      Hi 85Capri1650,

      sorry for the very late reply! I think the glass is definitely needed because resin on its own is just brittle rather than strong so you’ll just be causing issues down the road. The glass adds the strength and rigidity to allow the gel coat on top to give a good finish and not just crack when you go out for the first time! The other reason you’re doing this is because your wood floor has rotted or gone spongy so it too is probably way flexier than it was originally... again an issue with cracking.

      I found the YouTube channel ‘Boatworks Today’ absolutely invaluable as a guide for how to achieve the finish I eventually did! Would I do it again? Yes probably but now that I know what I have learned during the process and how long it took; it is absolutely worth doing correctly first time!!! If you’re the kind of guy who cuts corners then I’d really think twice before starting the job as it’s a proper labour of love!!!

      good luck!