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    outboard question

    Hi there, im Matt from UK Devon
    wanted to know if someone could give me some advice on a outboard for my 1991 bayliner capri ( 2002 model ), at the moment there isn't an outboard on my boat, originally the boat came with a force 2 stroke 120hp, and i am looking into an outboard thats for sale by me which is a 1997 Evinrude 150hp fitch 2 stroke, the thing i would like to know is, is this suitable for my boat ?
    i have looked into weight ratios and the evinrude weighs 70kg more then what a force 120hp weighs ( 128kg ) and the evinrude is ( 201kg ) . also i would love to know if any members know about this evinrude outboard, any know faults.

    your help is appreciated

    I would suggest doing a search on FICHT and OMC. Evinrude was an OMC brand until 2001 or so. The FICHT outboards were introduced in the mid-late 90's and were plagued with so many problems that they basically brought OMC to bankruptcy. It no longer exists. The evinrude brand was sold to BRP (they might have been known as Bombardier at the time). The current eTEC motors are significantly refined and redesigned versions of the original FICHT technology, but the FICHT's are, as far as I know, generally known as garbage.

    Then again, if it is still running after 21 years, maybe all the bad parts have been replaced?

    Not sure about the weight issue. What is the max HP rating of the boat? My guess is that it is higher than 120 hp. What was the weight of the max rated motor in 1991?


      Hi 6104698
      Thank you for your response, think i might stay clear of this one then if there known to have problems, i thought the reason why it was selling so fast was due to its size and running cost, i did speak to the owner of it who said it is in really good running condition and runs very well and sounds lovely, he was honest and said it wasn't selling due to the size and running costs plus every one seems to be going four stroke now, cleaner and more fuel efficient.
      i did manage to speak to someone today about the weight difference and he said it wouldn't be a problem, that i was only looking at 70kg which is about the weight of myself, so would only be like me standing at the back of the boat.
      Has for the spec of my boat its a bit hard to get the info has its so old now, but managed to get some info but spec of outboards not mentioned in regards to max weight, though i do have a feeling that bayliner offered a up grade to the 150hp outboard, but not 100% positive on that, hopefully someone on the site might know this


        Here's a link to the brochures for lots of Bayliner past models:

        And if it works, here is the link to the 1991 Capri models

        I chuckled when I looked at it; I recall seeing the brochure at that time (back in '90 or '91), and noting that the photos in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac in DC were taken almost right in front of my then-marina.....


          Personally I would run away from any OMC Ficht motor. The engines have a very troubled history and is the reason OMC almost went out of business and purchased by BRP. Look for a 100-135 Yamaha, Mercury, EvinrudeETEC or Suzuki motor.