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2855 won't plane

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    2855 won't plane

    Hello all,

    Alright so I've already done tons and tons of research and form reading and I can't find exactly what pertains to my situation. Hopefully you all can provide some insight.

    I have a 1999 2855 with a 7.4 fuel injected motor mated up to a bravo 3. The problem, boat will not go past 17mph.

    It used to pop up on plane NO PROBLEM, easy day, and cruise at about 24mph.

    First thought was the engine couple. I can't remember if I smelled burning rubber or not sorry. Also at no point when I advance the throttle past where my speed stops increasing do the rpms "jump". Rpms smoothly keep inscreasing but not speed or what feels like prop rotation change. Also boat is pulled and outdrive is off. Couple looks fine to me. MAYBE it torn around the center where it mates on the splines? But that's all I can think of for that.

    Next I thought maybe something in the bravo 3 itself? Just enough splines to move the boat on idle but when under a load they start slipping? Not sure but in the process of servicing and inspecting the outdrive any how.

    The last thing I could think of is, maybe a spark plug when or the engines starving for fuel from the fuel filter being clogged or something? So the boat will idle fine but when the engine demands more and is not getting it the rpms will increase but the powers just not there to move the boat?

    Those were the only three things I could think of. Boat starts perfect, idles, moves, and shifts good. Ass soon as I add more throttle to start going rpms rise but no speed increase and just a bunch of white water behind me.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated as pulling and putting it in is kind of expensive so it would suck to put it in just to pull it again haha.

    Also barely any marine growth when this happened so I seriously doubt it's that.

    Any how thanks guys!

    How clean is the bottom? Even a slick of “Hair” can really impact performance. Next, what kind of hubs in the props? If they are rubber, one could be slipping. Are both output shafts actually spinning the props? Doing a lube change would show any metal shavings.
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      How long has it been since it ran good? Any work done to it since then?

      As stated Ted could be marine growth or dinged prop.

      Is it set up with the mechanical fuel pump on the raw water pump? If so have you maintained the revisor with lube? If not the arm could be warn on the pump preventing it from providing adequate fuel pressure.
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        Does a fuel injected 7.4 use a mechanical fuel pump? I thought mpi were all electric fuel pumps.
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        • Nauti_Mike
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          Yes the early version of the 7.4 MPI used a mechanical pump. Not sure about his year.

          Update: did some reading and the mechanical pump seems to have been used up to 1996 and the OP has a 1999.

        • builderdude
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          Thanks Mike, I have no personal experience with the later mpi stuff, I run "old school" carb haha

        Just a thought or 2...if the rpm is getting to range under load then not sure it would be fuel rail or pressure issue??? If not over revving or having issues with rpm spiking then not sure it would be hub???

        may haul her to scales if on trailer to see if she's way water soaked....if rpm not getting up there like fuel issue, you may check fuel vents to make sure no blockages since it could be causing a vacuum if no venting.

        just thinking out loud
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          I had this same issue with my carver 280. 7.4l gas. I had an in-line fuel filter to protect a fuel flow sensor. This filter would get gummed up, and restrict fuel flow to the engine...enough to restrict power at near full throttle, but not enough to stop the engine.

          look along the fuel line from tank to fuel pump to see if there are any in line filters. Change main fuel filter.

          that boat and engine...with even some bottom growth it should still pop. have you checked your props and leg for growth? As long as your hull has anti fouling painted hull should not slow down the boat that much.

          Good luck!
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            Also would check the down tube and elbow to the fuel tank and make sure it is clear.
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              I have a 496 HO 425 hp 495lb tourw for sale excellent condition 210 hrs .other one going in my 2855 right now. Was tired of the underpowered 7.4l


                Dillon, are you achieving proper RPM's?
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                  Surprised no one mentioned slipped propeller ... Looks exactly like one, RPM go up, speed does not.
                  Did I miss something?
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                    Originally posted by fishaman View Post
                    Surprised no one mentioned slipped propeller ... Looks exactly like one, RPM go up, speed does not.
                    Did I miss something?
                    Bravo 3 does not have break away hubs.
                    1997 Maxum 2400 SCR 5.7LX Bravo II



                      water soaked? drill some 1/4" test holes in the stringers and transom, if water pours out there is your problem, if not fill the holes with epoxy, common problem with older boats, Sorry but it is happening more and more as the fleet gets older
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                        Why is this in "Bowriders and Cuddies?" Might be better exposure and replies in "Cruisers."
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