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    New Boat owner boat on order

    I Ordered a VR6 outboard with the Verado 6 cylinder and smart craft gauges. And all the options of the boat. Even getting active trim installed, second battery and a lowrance elite 5ti with totalscan transducer. I cannot wait till end of April to get it. Any tips does anyone have? Does anyone know the model number of the galvanized trailer that comes with it?

    Does anyone know what performance I will get out of the verado Pro 200 6 cylinder on this boat?


      Welcome. I am very new to site also and know little about boats. What part of country are you from?
      Jim (Lynchburg,TN)


        I am from New York


          I just paid for my docking slip just need the boat delivered. Super excited. Gonna be a beast with the 6 cylinder verado


            Congrats David!!! What an exciting time! I have purchased two new Bayliners in my past.

            I'd say make sure you take the boaters safety course and get intimately familiar with safety if you're not already an avid boater. Buy an emergency two-way marine radio (get deduction on insurance), and stock the boat with safety stuff (horn, flares, life jackets for all on board, etc). That's awesome you're getting a chart plotter with fish finder and depth gauge - I have two depth gauges on my boat now and I use them both. I take hard copies of maps plus I put the Navionics chip into my chart plotter to see bathymetry.

            My Bayliner 642, similar approximate size as yours, came with a Karavan 4800 galvanized trailer. Here's the specs:

            Remember to go over all starting, boarding, trim, etc. details when you go through your walk through with the dealer. It's nice to video the start up procedures, etc. using a phone. Dual batteries are awesome, also. Lots of differing opinions on what to do there, but I switch mine in the middle of each boating day. Remember tools, not too many, just the right ones. Pack them well so they don't jostle. Most definitely check the boat engine - bilge area before, during, and after that initial voyage, and with before and after each boating experience (regularly). Some times a minor leak can happen when the factory misses the seal on a through hull. That happened to me - but the dealer and warranty cleared that up immediately. All boats, even Cobalts, have initial finish issues. The whole presentation is so huge at first that I had a hard time seeing details. But after a while I saw a few things that needed correction. Take pics and make notes, get that stuff corrected asap. Your boat will love you for it Lastly, if you're mooring it, make sure you have an automatic float switch installed to operate the bilge pump, and that it's direct to one of the batteries (or both?). Mine didn't come with one.

            I really like my boat man, I bet you'll dig yours, too.

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            Eagle Runner


              That looks like the trailer that comes with the boat. What kind of brakes does it have and how do you use them? I did take the boating safety course already and been on boats my whole life this is just my first boat I am owning. I am super excited and can’t wait. This is gonna be a great summer.


                Some simple stuff goes a long way...I know your bit a rookie on the water and may be preaching to the choir here.....getting a per use and per season maintenance routine from the start is well worth it. I enjoy most maintenance as its part of the fun. Also is peaceful since everyone disappears during chore time.

                one thing I do is use 3m marine vinyl on all upholstery after each day I use boat. That may be overkill depending how many times you go out so adjust accordingly. It's a simple spray down n wipe but keeps it new. Also makes mishaps a simple wipe up.....oh hell...get comfy nice life jackets and keep the cheap nerd orange ones stowed in case of emergency...those orange ones have been known to bleed orange and stain vinyl. I know of a case they stained brand new boat seats permanently.

                does it have a tow ropes pylon for boarding?

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                  Just checked out the VR6 online and have to say I'm impressed with the layout. It has several features that show it was well thought out in my opinion...may seem like small things but stands out to me as I dont have them...the integrated fir extinguisher cubby instead of afterthought screw in bracket mine has. Always wondered if mine was screwed in under helm as last minute where we gonna put it idea....also, the cup holder at helm and easy to reach is nice. Mine is damn near at deck level and can't reach without spider monkey arms....the cubby to right of helm for wallet, phone etc is also nice.

                  The big ticket items I like...the very large bow area will seat 3 fatties in lounge mode and can only imagine storage underneath. The biggest like IMO is the large swim platform....the OB doesn't intrude much at all into that deck in comparison to other models I have seen and this is one of the hangups on OB option.

                  good call on getting max mentioned getting good a slip...will you slip it all season or is that for times of use? We have to drive 1.5 hours to nearest lake and slip rental isn't an option, which is a PIA
                  Current: 2008 H210SS Four Winns
                  Prior: 1997 2050SS Bayliner


                    The slip will be all season and it is 3 min from my house if I do not hit any traffic lights. So I can just hop on it and go. If I do trailer it it will be to store it for the winter or if I want to go out to Montauk point or upstate for a few days.

                    I fell in love with the VR6 when it first came out and I said if it was an outboard version I would get it and in 2017 they came out with it. Ordered it late so I am getting a 2018 with all the options.

                    Going to store the orange life life jackets under the seats. Boat has plenty of storage so it should keep the deck neat.

                    This is summer is going to be a great summer


                      Congrats on the new boat. I love the new VRs, and the Verado 6 cylinder really is the way to go on this boat if you want OB.

                      One thing you will find with the Verado 6 cylinder is it is so smooth and quiet, it's almost enough to weird you out. Starting the boat you barely hear it turn over, and then when it fires and settles into an idle, you just plain don't hear it. THe only noise it makes is the telltale stream hitting the water.

                      Drive the Verado and the 250 Alpha One back to back and it's a total no brainer. The Alpha One feels and sounds like it's lubricated with spare peanut shells.
                      Matt Train
                      BOC Site Team
                      Chicagoland, IL


                        Glad to hear I made a good choice with the engine. I am sure with the power steering and verado performance it’s got to be smooth.