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Light parachute type nylon cover wanted.

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    Light parachute type nylon cover wanted.

    Hey gang, I have a 642 Cuddy and was thinking about how cool it would be if I had a packable lightweight nylon parachute type boat cover that I could quickly and easily deploy over my bimini top. I'm thinking six or eight snaps, four along windows on bow, two along gunnels and two at the stern. But super lightweight!!! Super packable!!

    Why this?? Because it's nice to have privacy to take a snooze at the dock, or to limit the sun,, or prevent bugs during a quick picnic, or change, etc.

    Anyone make anything like that?? Or know a good seamstress? Thanks ahead of time!!!
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    We used to get surplus parachutes from the army/navy store for similar purposes. Be advised, they don't breathe too well...
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      "Be advised, they don't breathe too well." I agree with this statement. You might find it gets rather hot under this cover. I would look for something that would breathe better
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        they make white mesh tarps for blocking the sun but allowing for full ventilation.... we sometimes see large yachts with similar material made into exterior snap on widow shades/covers. it works well.

        from inside the boat you can easily see out, but from the outside you cant see in (except at night when its dark and the lights are on inside the boat).... this material may be a better choice, but of course somewhat more expensive.

        my current widow coverings are blue sunbrella, and in the bright summer sunshine it lowers the light level in the cabin, and keeps it a little bit cooler, but we cant see out thru it.... the white mesh is supposed keep the interior significantly cooler as it reflects more of the suns heat away from the windows, and with it being a mesh material, the windows can be open and still maintain ventilation... unlike with the solid material. I plan to get some mesh and make a copy of my sunbrella coverings..

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          Excellent suggestions!! We currently have a full canvas camper enclosure that fastens to the bimini. It's black like the bimini and cooks us out of bed at 6AM. I appreciate the security of it, kinda serves a different purpose. Guessing shears or mosquito netting might be perfect. Privacy would be nice though. Quick deployment is great, too. Thinking of quick snooze at the dock to sleep off a big lunch!

          Truly, it's all an experiment! Could lead nowhere. But I think I'll head to the army/navy store tomorrow and check out some chutes. Heck if it's camo, I might just try duck hunting! And the idea of breathable yacht mesh stuff might lead me to the fabric store.

          I hail from Spokane, so this guy has to do what he can in the frozen season to prep for boating season, just about 110 days from now. I can't waste time after that!!! Lol.
          It is when you give of yourself that you truly give - Kahlil Gilbran
          2015 Bayliner 642 in Red, 4.3L MPI, Alpha 1 Gen II
          Eagle Runner