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Repairing Small Scratches/Blemishes In Gelcoat-gctid401154

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    Repairing Small Scratches/Blemishes In Gelcoat-gctid401154

    Hi All,

    Just wondering what the best way to go about repairing small scratches and blemishes in my gelcoat is. Boat is a 2006 175. Just have a few scratches and marks around the place that I would like to get rid of. Whats the best way to match the current colour of the hull ect....



    This is how I do it.

    1) If it is a deep scratch but still in the gelcoat, i start by sanding it down with 220 or higher grit sand paper. I then move up to 360 sand paper. You don't have to sand very much. Use a circular motion and don't sand to deep. If it is a real light scratch, either go to the emery cloth directly or start with the rubbing compound. It might take a bit longer if you go straight to the rubbing compound, depending on how deep the scratch is.

    2) I then move to a emery cloth type sand paper and use it wet. I take that all the way up to 3600 grit. You don't have to go that high, but it saves time on the next stages. You will see it start to shin already.

    3) I switch to a rubbing compound at this point, usually the red one. I use a buffer to apply and buff for a couple of minutes.

    4) Next, i switch to the white rubbing compound and again buff for like 5 minutes.

    5) Last, I apply a good wax and buff that in. It will shine like it was new.

    Last week, I buffed at a really deep (large) scratch in about 20 minutes using this process. You cannot see it now, but there is a slight indentation cause the scratch was so deep. If I was better at color matching, I would have added a bit of gelcoat, flattened it, and then used the above process to buff it out. It really is easy to get the scratches our. Hope this helps.