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2004 Bayliner Seat replacement

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  • 2004 Bayliner Seat replacement

    Owners of a 2004 Bayliner 225. Looking for replacement lounge seats and the hardware for installation. I have looked at several seats online, just not sure they will fit and most do not have the brackets for installation. I have the aluminum rods that attached to the built in base but do not have the hardware that was with the seats. Looking for any help as to where I can find seats online and the hardware to install them. Thanks.

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    Good upholstery shop
    2003 Bayliner 245
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      Hey I am having the same issue with my 1996 and wrote a post on it but no responses yet. I am assuming this is a big issue for everyone. I have done some research on the matter and this is what I have found.
      Wise makes a Bayliner replacement boat seat specifically for the built in bases. you can see them here.

      Serving multiple industries with a strong commitment to provide quality seating products and service to every customer. Our goal of creating value for every customer is inherent in our mission statement: Quality Products • Quality Service • By Quality People

      If you are in the US they are much easier to come by. I am in Canada and I am having trouble getting them here as the composites of the seat is not acceptable to Canadian standards.

      I have also found some people have been buying a cheaper set of lounge seats and throwing away the bases it comes with and modifying them to accommodate the Bayliner boat seat bases, by adding the bar it needs. I am still trying to find a picture of what they look like with measurements so I can ensure they are modified properly. I f I find that I will post it here. If you happen to find it please let me know.

      Another option I have looked into is a few companies in Arlington Washington have purchased and been given the right to the original patterns of the upholstery for Bayliner boats, so if you have the seats still and they just need the skins this would be a good route.

      Here is the contact info.

      Leta’s Top Shop
      19431 Burn Rd
      Arlington, WA 98223

      22510 128th Drive NE
      Arlington, WA 98223

      I hope this helps, it is all I can find out as of yet.



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        Thanks for the response. Don’t have the seats, if so I could get them covered. Trying to determine best place to get replacement seats. Wise has a set that looks close just don’t If the hardware will work.