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    Bayliner 205 Prop Selection-gctid400005

    I have a 2007 Bayliner 205, with 5.0 V8. I have no need for high end top speeds, as I usually don't have a need exceed 30-35 mph. Mainly cruise at 2500-3500 RPMs. No other reason that just comfort level for the speed and wind. The boat can easily reach 45 mph.

    While underway, I mainly pull a towable, with 200-400 lbs of load, or a single wakeboarder. Lot's of starts/stops and speeds between 15-25 mph. I typically have 1000 lbs of people/gear on board (including those in the towable). I've read some threads that suggest that you may get more acceleration and overall fuel economy with a four-blade prop for these types of water sports, operating at lower speeds.

    I have not made any upgrades to the engine, outdrive, or prop since purchasing new. Curious if anyone has upgraded a prop for performance/fuel economy, and the results. Is spending $400-800 on an new prop worth the investment?

    I have a short season, so we only put about 50 hours a year on the engine.

    I will be asking the dealer the same questions, but looking for some insights by other owners, just to be able to verify what the dealer tells me.

    why not only spend $100 ($120 if not on sale) for an aluminum 4-blade like the Solas Amita?