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    Not Sure if this is how to ask the question or the place but I am considering buying a 2011 Bayliner 160 with a 4 stroke 60 hp mercury EFI outboard motor. concerned it may not be powerful enough to pull a tuber.

    Any input would be helpful.

    I would think a 60 on a 160 would have enough oomph to pull a tube. provided its fully inflated and not over loaded. Just my opinion, a 160 is very tight. with very little storage space. Also the seats are fixed and do not adjust. I am sure there are 160 owners out there that have fun with them.
    Jay Myers
    Raystown Lake Huntingdon PA
    2013 170 115fs
    2011 Jeep Compass


      Had this exact model as my first boat, added the tow pylon and it was ok for pulling my son on the tube, with my wife and I onboard. Tried my son and his buddy on a double tube and it really struggled (again with my wife and I onboard).

      It was a great starter boat for just the three of us doing short trips on the lake, but if your looking to pull a tuber or carry more than 2 passengers, personally I would go for a larger motor in all honesty.
      2017 Bayliner VR5


        When buying a boat, there are considerations such as budget, storage location, and size that you are comfortable with.

        My first boat was an 18 ft bowrider with a 3.0. My kids were in middle school at the time, and we had a great time boating on the sound.

        The kids got bigger, their friends got bigger, and we out-grew the boat after 2 years. The boat was under-powered for my purposes and I was always moving people around the boat so I could get on plane. I spent most of the day at 4200 rpm. We had to go boating in shifts and it was a hassle.

        The difference in deck space, stability, and power between that boat and a 21 ft bowrider with 5.0 is significant.

        I recommend you buy the biggest boat that you are comfortable with. Now is a good time to buy and you can find a 20 footer that has low hours and well-cared for.

        I do appreciate wanting to start smaller with a 16 ft boat. They're easy to tow, launch, and maneuver. They run all weekend on 20 gallons of gas and there's no problem with draft.
        2006 Bayliner BR205
        5.0 Carb, Alpha 1 Gen 2
        Chesapeake, VA


          If you do purchase the boat and are not concerned with WOT speed a simple solution would be to drop a pitch or two on the prop....More power on the low end, less top end speed. For instance..If the boat came with a 14P prop, just drop down to a 13P or 12P prop.