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    help needed!-gctid399619

    Greetings Folks!

    I have just aquired myself a rather tired and sad looking 89' (?) Capri Cuddy that I intend to return to her former glory. I have got myself a good upholsterer to restore what i think were once seats, and have been given the number of a good marine engineer to give her engine a good overhaul, but where your help would be very much appreciated is her starboard side glass has been smashed, the piece nearest the bow, and as this is my first boat I dont know where to start looking for a replacement glass. I have tried the ebay route but that is about the limit of my knowledge.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards


    Ping Download Complete. He's the resident Bayliner historian and could probably steer you in the right direction.


      Build thread! Build thread! Build thread! Build thread!


        I have in my basement a complete windshield, came off a 19'. Would it fit i don't know, to the op what size boat ? Where are you if close come take a look. About 5 miles down the road there is a boat junkyard, mine don't fit i bet he has one.
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          JasonS wrote:
          Build thread! Build thread! Build thread! Build thread!

          Parting out thread! Parting out thread! Parting out thread!

          As far as the glass....go Plexi. Be careful of your investment (time and dollars) Although the project may seen "fun" now, it can quickly gain downhill speed.

          Have no illusions. Check out the Completed Projects forum and do a simple search for similar boats. Clench those butt cheeks when you see the money they've invested. Many are TOTAL works of art, worthy of their time and talent, but these guys have the talent/hence dollar savings.

          I can't recall seeing glass at Great Lakes Skipper (also known as Kendor Marine for local retail) but can't discount it. If it's flat, easier to remove the Port side and have a local glass company cut one, or just go plexi.

          I would have the mechanic check EVERYTHING to make sure it will run, with minimal repair/maintenance cost, FIRST. Otherwise, any dollars spent on pretty things could be a waste of time and money.

          Check that floor for rot. Have the mechanic check the transom for water. (damn, I sound like a COF now) lol

          Good luck on your endeavor. Ted