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    Add Sound insulation to Motor box?-gctid822095

    So my 175 has sound deadening insulation on the lid of the motor box, but nothing anywhere else. Poking around back there, there's plenty of room (to my inexpert eye) for additional insulation to be run around the front of the engine compartment, along the starboard side (surrounding the storage compartment under the rear seat) and along the port side against the fuel tank. Basically to fully encapsulate the front and sides of the compartment vs just having the top covered. If I remember my HS physics correctly, sound tends to radiate in all directions - not just up - so aside from cost savings not sure why Bayliner doesn't do this already.

    I'm pretty confident that this could be done, with cutouts for fuel lines/wiring/etc without any risk of impinging on the engine, but is it a good idea? Any issues I may be over looking like heat retention? I've found a few posts where people with older models have added insulation (where it wasn't included standard), but none that seem to do so in the way I'm thinking. The boat isn't unreasonably noisy, but if this would make a noticeable difference, why not? Has anyone tried? Is it worthwhile?

    2017 Bayliner 175.
    Portland, OR

    Contact Sound Technology in Tigard, Oregon 503-624-8646. They have a good variety of sound deadening materials.

    Newport, Oregon
    South Beach Marina
    1986 3270 with twin 110 HP Hino diesels. Name of boat "Mr. Darcy"
    Past work history: Prototyping, tooling, and repair for Reinell,. General fiberglass boat repair starting in 1976.
    Also worked as heavy equipment mechanic, and machinery mechanic for over 30 years.


      I used foil backed material on my 175 and was very satisfied. Check out photos under my name.