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    We just got our first boat, an Element 160. We attempted to clean the deck of the boat by housing it off but all of the water has just pooled by the back. Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of this build up? Sure this is a dumb question, but we're lost. Thank you!


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    Sam, when you say "pooling in the back" do you mean under an/or over ther deck? My first reaction is to ask if you pulled the plug at the bottom center of the transom?

    In any case, welcome. Please add some stuff about your boat and kinda where you live and use your boat. It's really helpful to those trying to help.
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      Hi Sam,

      The Element boats normally have 2 horizontal drain holes in the back of the inside deck on either sides of the battery compartment door. If yours doesn't then that's a manufacturing mistake and you should bring it back to the dealer. If it does have those 2 holes then there are a few things to check:

      1. Send a 3 foot stiff wire (like an electrical wire or a straightened out clothes hanger) into each hole to check that they aren't clogged up

      2. Open the battery compartment door and check to see if the hoses going from the drains to the bilge pump container are flat and not curved upwards

      3. If the first 2 options don't sort the flow problem out then I suggest you do like me and replace those flimsy pipes by bigger 1 inch inside diameter pipes. You'll also have to recut each drain tube because the start off as 1 inch in diameter and then are reduced (why, I have no idea) to about 1/2 inch. And that restricts the water flow.

      See how you get on with that already and get back to us if it still doesn't sort the problem out.

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        I had the same problem. I found out by mistake that if I turn on the bilge pump the water sucks down very fast. If the pump is off then the water pools at the 2 rear deck holes under the rear center cussion. Why? I dont know. I have not checked on how it all is plumbed yet. Jeff
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          There are hoses attached to those drain holes that carry the water to the bilge area. When my Element was delivered both of those hoses pointed straight up, hence did not drain. Look back there, more than likely your hoses are not properly placed, laying flat and draining to the bilge. Easy fix. Good luck!
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