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  • Part locating, best places??-gctid820208

    Best places to order parts for a 1988 Bayliner Trophy 2459...any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!!
    1988 Bayliner Trophy 2459 Hard top
    5.7L OMC

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    Great Lakes Skipper and Wholesale Marine come to mind. ebay will surprise you sometimes as well. I'd suggest clicking OWNER'S ;LISTS from the dropdown menu at the top of the RECENT TOPICS page and saying Hi to the 2459 Owner's group. Those guys may have valuable model specific sources for it. Older boats as I'm learning can be challenging at best finding OEM and brand/ model specific parts. Luckily your model was more widely produced so there should be more stuff out there. Just takes a little research and creativity when typing in the search bar
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      Where about are you located? That will help others give you some practical help for something local to you.

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