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1986 Capri Throttle and Shifter Controller-gctid819110

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    1986 Capri Throttle and Shifter Controller-gctid819110

    I need to replace the throttle / shifter control on my 1986 Capri 1650. Can anyone recommend a replacement unit that will fit without too much modification.

    Have you already pulled it apart and tried to lube it? Often it is the cables that connect it to the engine that are the problem. look at my posts about my 87 2150 cable problems.
    1987 Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge 2150.
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      Thanks, I will read your post about the cables.

      The problem with my shifter is that it is very hard to pull the handle out to the throttle only position. When I can pull it out it takes two hands and a lot of pressure.


        Your 1986 Capri probably has the same Morse MNS-S shifter as mine. Try the following:

        1) remove the plastic cover at the base of the shift lever

        2) remove the large screw that secures the handle

        3) remove the handle - if it hasn't been removed in awhile (20-30 years??), you may need to wiggle, etc. It will come eventually.

        4) bolt a small scrap piece of steel flat stock to the shift post.

        5) pull out on the shift post using the flat stock as a grip (or have someone else pull..)

        6) spray some teflon-based dry lubricant as far back along the shift post as possible and work the shift post in/out.

        Mine was not a stubborn as yours, but after the above treatment, the ease of was remarkably better..
        1986 Capri 1950 Cuddy
        AQ131A / 275
        (original owner)


          Thanks for the info. I have just received a new Teleflex SL3, however before I install it I'll try your suggestion.