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    Went trip to Lake George, NY-gctid817744

    Posted on another thread page.

    As for me, nothing upgrades on my boat but, new location with countless miles of boating for the first time.

    Went up Hague, NY with family for few days and my brother decided to rent a boat out and go cruise along with my boat from Hague to Lake George village. I d say I did put around 70-80 miles on the boat from those days.

    What has impressed me with my boat, my dad told me that my boat handled much better than my bro's rented boat (2016 Stingray 204LR) So, my brother's children too. Ha!

    At boat launch in Hague, NY

    So, our Fadoo sure loves boating w us all day.

    Took our nephew out for some tubing adventure, he loved it.

    Arrived at LG village and docked our boats there for few hours.

    Drove back home with exhausted kids

    When we returned to boat launch in Hague, no fun but we made it out. Found out that launch closes at 5 pm, not at 6 pm which the lady stated 6. So, I risked and let my wife drive the jeep with boat trailer up to next town that got a boat launch. (whats more, it was my wife's first time driving with boat trailer behind... I know I know.) I drove the boat up to next town and met my wife there and made it out with the almost empty tank.

    Definitely fun weekend!