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1988 Capri Side Windows-gctid816713

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    1988 Capri Side Windows-gctid816713

    I have a 1988 Capri 1950 bowrider and was wondering how are the side windows attached to the boat?. I noticed one of the screws had pulled out


    Basing this on my own experiences with my '90 Ciera. they have very sticky double-sided tape, followed up with three screws ea for the fwd and aft panes that make up that assy. Both the panes are edge sealed with a=what appears to be RTV as well. Last week I had opportunity to remove one of the smoked acryl windows from a " donor" boat, an 88 Ciera ( 88, 89 and 90 are pretty much the same hull and design) among other items and the same windows had only the 5100 marine adhesive and I like to never got the [pane removed. I'd check all around the window to ensure there are no loose areas. If loose it'd be best to carefully and gradually remove the pane and ALL evidence of tapes and adhesives from the hull and pane, polish NOT WAX both surfaces and install new what ever was there when you removed it. Smart boaters will reseal with the adhesive all screws that are loose, missing or that are removed for whatever reason ( an ounce of prevention as it were....) and that way they won't have t5o be worried about leaking or backing out for a long time.

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