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    Best BBQ location on my boat-gctid816548

    Good morning, everyone,

    I have a 1989 Capri 1700, and would love to add a BBQ to the list of equipment I have onboard. We obviously have that huge area on the engine cover, but I am worries about having a BBQ near potential gas fumes. Where would be the best place to mount the BBQ, what are the best mounts, or could I make one myself then purchase a lees expensive camping-type grill.

    Or am I overthinking things? Is cooking on the engine cover OK?



    You have lots of types of Marine BBQ's to choose from, and I've had a few. First, do you have a stern rail? If so, the smaller ones like this Magma are great, but you need the quick-connect.

    As to the type that sit on the deck, suggest you get a big pan to sit it on. Try as I did, grease drips and splatters are ugly on gelcoat and unavoidable. Otherwise, a good cover/case in a definite plus on a boat.

    As to your engine fumes concern on the cover, there shouldn't really be any there to begin with. Also, you would also need a very heavy concentration on the engine cover to ignite. Personally, I wouldn't be concerned, ....but some may.
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