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    Prop slippage?-gctid815686

    Purchased the boat 2 months ago. Before fishingpoles anchor tackle box(not much tackle) the gauge said 38 mph at 5-5100ish. Installed trim tabs. (Middle hole) Ran aground once. Now the family calls it the no go zone. Was 4 inch deep and hit it at 30. Dead stop. Lifted motor and oar pushed back. Was able to hit 37 mph around 5k. (This time gps.) Today. I couldn't do past 32. Same load just couldn't power past 3/4 throttle or it felt like I was cavitating badly. Trim up or down and I slowed down to 28. Holeshot seems weak. Dead stop and it takes a few seconds to fully "go" seems like a slipping clutch. Gonna mark the prop when I get home. 10 lures lost today. Omw to get more then back out i go. Cant hit 5200 rpm anymore.

    "Prev owner said"

    Just had fully serviced. New lines carbs rebuilt... all sorts of "new" that I am finding not true. (Was very clean looking and carbs do look freshly soaked/cleaned) not gonna comp test. Motor runs sound i feel its prop related.

    I have a 21p on there should i go down to 19? Trying to stay under 150 for a prop. Vaca in 2 weeks makes for no funds...
    1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

    tampa bay area FL.

    You need a new prop hub, yours is spun from when you ran aground.
    1996 Bayliner 2452, 5.7, A1G2. Needs a lot of work!



      so are you saying you could go faster and rev higher with the same prop before it ran aground?


        Sounds like when you hit, you " spun the prop" which is exactly what a pressed hub assembly prop is designed to do....hell of a lot cheaper than having to replace the lower unit or more....sort of a "sacrificial" part. Funny, today I spun my prop for the first time since I've owned the boat....I bottomed out at idle speed in a shallow channel. Went to throttle-up and over rev'd.

        Have always kept my original 3-blade prop on the boat as a "back-up" with all the needed tools to change a prop on the water.... came in handy today as we were on the way to go tubing all day....changed out the prop, 15 mins later back up in plane with my OEM 3-blade. Every winter when I get "spring fever" I go hunting online for "open box" props....have always found one on Overton's for about $85 and when I find one I buy it. I will swap out the blade I put on today, with a new "open box" Solas Amita 14.24x19 tomorrow and keep the OEM as an onboard spare...
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          So help a newbie out here.

          What are possible signs of prop slippage? Mine sounds and revs like it should, but I cant seem to get the speed I should be (compared to last season). I was running 10 knots at 3000 rpm yesterday, I'm almost positive that rpm should have me at around 20 knots (GPS). No incidents at all of hitting something (at least that we are aware of).

          Bravo II on mine.

          *Edit: I went down this afternoon, raised the outdrive, put the tranny in fwd, and could spin the prop with just a finger. That's bad, correct?
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