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2003 Mercruiser 4.3 Replacement Options-gctid815504

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    2003 Mercruiser 4.3 Replacement Options-gctid815504

    My friend has a 2003 185BR with 4.3 Mercruiser. He has a cracked block, heads and exhaust manifolds.

    What are his options for replacement? He tells me he is looking at about $8k-$10k to replace but that seems awfully high.

    Thought I would run it by the experts here to see if that is valid.

    Thanks BOC


    If he's looking at new "bobtail" engines and someone else is going to install it, he's not far off. The current engine has a lot of good parts on it like the intake manifold, ignition system, starter, alternator and "tin", the oil pan, valve covers, etc. Getting a long block is a great start, but it has to be a marine assembly. They can be purchased new or remanufactured. Manifolds are the same. I used sierra on my 4.3's with zero problem, but I highly recommend shopping around and look at the cost to him including any shipping. Those suckers are heavy and shipping is by the pound.

    Did he have any mechanical insurance against freezing? I'm guessing not, but had to ask. Best of luck.
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      Well 2 minutes on Google turns up a number of remanufactured 4.3 long blocks for around 2k and manifold sets in the $500 range. As stated above - everything above the heads and all the accessories can be reused. Hardest part would be lifting the old block out and putting the new one in. I can't imagine more than 8-12 hours for the whole add 1500 for labor and maybe another 500 for supplies and replacing things like plug wires, belts etc. Should be all in for