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Where to hook two tubes ( water toys)-gctid397480

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    Where to hook two tubes ( water toys)-gctid397480

    I have a 2009 185 Flight Series with tower.

    I believe you are not supposed to hook a tube to the tower. The boat also has a tow eye.

    Is it safe to hook two tubes to the tow eye?

    I keep seeing oats of this size ( Glastron) towing two tubers.

    I use the transom hooks, the ones where you hook up to your trailer. Works well and saved me the cost of adding a skier cleet.


      Cant use those as they are under my swim platform.


        Yes it's no big deal to pull two single person tubes from the ski hook on the back. I do it and no issues.


          I'd get a bridle and use the two stern cleats, then you never have to worry. Lots of ski hooks seem to be installed with skiers in mind (imagine that) and not multiple tubes.


            I'd inspect the ski hook from the inside before I'd hang two tubes to it. If it has a nice and large backing plate you are good to go. If not time to put one in. Mine had a flimsy one installed which is now removed and replaced with one about 5 times the size.


              No Problems, I've had four.......

              We regularly have multiple skiers or tubers or both.

              The best I have found is 1 or 2 off the ski hook and one either side using the Cleats; this allows the tubes to sit either side of the wake and two in the middle.

              Note, keep the rope lengths the same so the tube bump not overlap, a rope under tension hurts trust me I know.

              If you wanted you could run one off either cleat to be safe. Good point to check the backing plate, I must do that and will change if any signs of problems back there.

              Have fun


                So are you saying the dock cleats are STRONG enough to hold tubers?

                Or, are you referring to the tie down transom hooks which I cannot use as the extended swim platform covers them.