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    Outboard has one more advantage ... if need be you can hang another outboard in a hour, have a serious problem with a i / o can be weeks maybe months till your on the water again.

    Hint :

    Vacation day's are scarce, if you have the room to store one a 150 hp used outboard bought cheap can save your season,
    Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

    1994 2452, 5.0l, Alpha gen. 2 drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

    '86 / 19' Citation cuddy, Merc. 3.0L / 140 hp 86' , stringer drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

    Manalapan N.J


      You don't need a bow roller. All you need is a couple of bow chocks, similar to some of these: guide the anchor line closer to the bow.


        "DanVR6" post=811266 wrote:

        . Also the trim is very sensitive. The gauges is definitely calibrated for the inboard outboard. The most you can possibly trim it up well underway is about a little under 1/4 . If you trim up more than that it start cavity well going in a straight line.
        It's my issue to with the 4.5L also, so it not just the outboards. It's because of the gauges they use. If for get a smartcraft gauge, it's a little more user friendly.


          When shopping/buying my next bayliner VR5 coming from 175 weight of vessel was important as I did not want to have to change my 2yrs SUV for something else and also LOA for storage.

          We settled on the VR5 with I/O 4.5L 200hp engine and here's why. For me (Canadian) and for some reason the outboard option was more expensive and it also added couple ft to the LOA, two things that were not ok FOR MY needs.

          I FULLY understand the benefits of the outboard BUT along with those two things (extra $$ and LOA) we also couldn't pass up the fact that the swim platform was high on our list of wants/needs that having this massive engine attached to it wasn't doing it for us.

          In the end after now having 32+ hours we know we made the right choice.

          It's all about what works for you and what you are looking for in a boat.


            "DanVR6" post=811266 wrote:
            So, I now have 15 hours on the VR six outboard.

            Seems to have absolutely plenty of power for anything I might want to do. Haven't tried pulling a skier up yet but acceleration seems completely adequate. Four people and three-quarter fuel we are hitting 43 miles an hour.
            Those are great MPH numbers for the 150 OB. I've seen several numbers on the VR5 with that motor claiming the same top speed.


              Have VR6 with 200hp Merc I/O. WOT best is approx. 38 mph. Should I be expecting more?


                I didn’t notice in the video of the rear of the boat if there was a fuel water separater filter. I ordered a 2018 with the Verado pro 200 6 cylinder. I will get it in April and can’t wait. Do you know if you can’t tilt the engin up all the way?