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    VR6 outboard photos-gctid806327

    Just have the closing on my new VR six. That some of you might like to see detailed photos of the outboard model. These were taken before dealer prep and cleaning. Picking her up this week. Will post some performance numbers when available.

    Looks good!

    Let us know what you think after you get it in the water.


      We just got the VR6 I/O and love it. Have taken it out twice this year. First time was pretty windy and the lake was choppy but the boat handled everything nicely. Second time we just cruised around several connected lakes. Looking forward to spending a lot of time on her this summer.


        Welcome! Your are the first VR6 OB owner to post here. Please post more pics and performance numbers, it will be great info to provide other prospective owners!
        Matt Train
        BOC Site Team
        Chicagoland, IL


          Nice boat! Congrats on the purchase. Can you list the options you got and the selling price.

          2022 VR4 115 PRO SX


            Mercury 150 4 stroke EFI outboard

            Stainless Steel upgrade package

            Bimini Top w/ Boot,

            Bow & Cockpit Covers

            Bow Filler Cushion

            Cockpit Table

            Faux Teak Mat Flooring

            Porta Ptotty

            Euro Style windshield

            Digital Depth Finder

            Auto Bilge Pump

            Galvanized Trailer w/ Swing Tongue and Brakes

            Gray with White Bottom




              Extreme Tawer not Bimini


                I agree, a beautiful boat - look forward to hearing your review of it.

                Looked - not too seriously - at a new VR6 last weekend at our local dealer. They were asking, IIRC, about $ 34K - had most popular features but might have been a left over since it had the 4.3L. Still, comparing size and features seemed like a lot of boat for the $$.

                Might be what we upgrade to. Was wondering why you chose the O/B? I mean I like the O/B on my E18 but I can't wrap my head around the difference in HP at the same price.


                  Really looks sharp, Dan.
                  2015 Element XL
                  Mercury 115


                    Actually the outboard is $2500 cheaper. It is also 396 pounds lighter than the I/O set up. The I/O comes out to 21.25 pounds per horsepower and the inboard comes out to 27.5 pounds per horsepower.

                    Here are a few of the reasons I chose the outboard

                    I'm in Vermont and it is much easier to extend your boating season into the fall with the outboard.

                    I like the fact that the motor comes all the way out of the water when not in use. No Lake slime.

                    The outboard is much easier to service both for routine service and end of the year put away.

                    If you hit something with the outboard your boat is much less likely to sink. We are on a very large lake "Champlain" and help can be really far away. There is no full-time towing service.

                    It frees up a ton of room for storage in the back of the boat.

                    The swim platform set up from Bayliner doesn't really sacrifice much with the outboard.

                    No bellows O-rings or seals to worry about in the coming years.

                    It was a tough decision the new inboard is quite nice. For my mission which is generally two people in the boat I'm anticipating the outboard being more fuel-efficient at our normal 25 to 30 mile an hour crew speed. The weight difference is like having to fewer people sitting in the back of the boat.

                    As there is very little info out there I will let you know how that worked out.


                      I forgot to mention that there is also no blower and a much lower possibility of fire.


                        Still breaking in the engine but I have some initial feedback on the VR6 outboard.

                        4 people on board with half fuel and hit 43 miles an hour at wide-open throttle.

                        But is very sensitive to trim. Only using the first quarter of trim range. Anything over that and you start to cavitate.

                        Ride is extremely smooth for the length of the boat.

                        We were out in 2 to 3 foot chop and wer very happy with the way the boat handled .

                        I will post more as we put on some more hours.


                          Thanks for the reply. Sounds like many of the same reasons I like my OB (ease of service, fuel efficiency, light weight). Also sounds like as equipped it serves your needs quite well.

                          Beautiful boat, hope you enjoy it.


                            So, I now have 15 hours on the VR six outboard.

                            Seems to have absolutely plenty of power for anything I might want to do. Haven't tried pulling a skier up yet but acceleration seems completely adequate. Four people and three-quarter fuel we are hitting 43 miles an hour.

                            Two complaints that I do have. The hydraulic steering is very heavy . Also the trim is very sensitive. The gauges is definitely calibrated for the inboard outboard. The most you can possibly trim it up well underway is about a little under 1/4 . If you trim up more than that it start cavity well going in a straight line.

                            The storage and what would have been the entry compartment is phenomenal. I plan on building a small organizer that goes along with that after bulkhead which will hold Tupperware style containers with different supplies in them. The big performance is very good . The flipside to the heavy steering is that you can email Patty target miles away and just sit back.

                            Contemplating some sort of small bow roller for the anchor. Anchoring with the cleat on the side can make the boat wallow around.

                            The tower and biminy is a grate up setup. Totally rock solid. I am considering adding a duplicate bimini that goes towards the aft.


                              A bow roller would probably be OK, but a bridle from both front cleats may be better.
                              Jeff & Tara (And Hobie too)
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