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Clogged bilge drain line???-gctid802889

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    Clogged bilge drain line???-gctid802889

    I'm getting the boat ready and start to wash and clean the bilge and storage locker .... there is a clog in the drain pipe between the engine well and the ski locker

    I tried running a wire down, even an electricians snake and nothing....

    The strange thing is I seem to get whatever I send down in what seems like almost all the way from both sides???

    Is there another pipe coming into it from under the gas tank???

    It's draining but really slow

    Any suggestions?

    It's a 2015 185

    If it's draining I would try hot water first. Secondly i would try compressed air or a shop vac. Best of luck with it.


      see if you can take a strong light and mirror to look in there. could be excess fiberglass or mud wasp nest. who knows, but it should be draining at the rate of a 3/4" pipe minimum.


        Funny, I noticed the same on my 2012. I ended up using a fiberglass driveway marker, the skinny fluorescent colored straight sticks, and plunging it from the ski locker back towards the stern. It seemed as if it wouldn't go all the way thru. But it seemed to get easier, but nothing was noticeable on the stick when I pulled it out. But I did notice that there is a "lip" that is back by the stern at the end of the pipe right before it ends in the engine bay. So what it seems happens is that the drainage tube holds water in it until there is enough water to fill the tube and get over that "lip". I noticed this as I was cleaning the boat and noticed a small amount of water forward of the ski locker in the bow area. Maybe a pint or so but that was very surprising to me as I NEVER see ANY water in my boat...I used a small wet vac to clean it up. I didn't want to flush more water thru the drain tube as I was already done cleaning Andy had already re-installed my drain plug in the transom. All the more reason I guess to make a "bridge" in the ski locker. I cut a 4" pvc pipe in half and laid it on the bottom of the ski locker from the bow to the stern end of the ski locker. I then covered the "bridge" and entire ski locker with a heavy rubber floor mat that you would stand on normally. It is not a solid piece of runpbber, but it is stamped with openings for water to get thru. So now no matter what I store in the ski locker, it will sit on top of the "pvc bridge" and not get wet by any water that may be running down the center of the ski locker from the bow to the Drain pipe on the stern side of the ski locker...

        I can take a coupe of pics this weekend if wanted....
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          All excellent ideas...Thank you...yesterday when I was showing the admiral what the issue was she says "why don't you call John" a friend that is a marine mechanic for an off shore race team...I said, no this is a better issue for BOC.....

          After your posts and thinking on the subject all night I am motivated to get out there after work later and try a few ideas....from surfing a bit I discovered the nomenclature of the pipes that pass through the structural braces is Limber while not resolving the issue I at least now know I have a clogged Limber pipe, and identifying a problem is the first step in solving it


            Line cleared .... 6' long 1/4" rod and a hammer .... still not sure what it was but it's flowing now.....