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    Spring is in the air...-gctid802288

    and it's time to start thinking about the coming boating season, which usually lasts only about 4 months up here. I bought a new (to me) Shore Station boat lift last weekend and hauled it out to the cabin. There is still about 2' of ice on the lake but that shouldn't last much longer now. My old hoist, actually it's my son's, was rated for 1800# and the boat weighs 1865# so it was a real chore to raise once the boat was out of the water. The new one is rated for 2600# so I hope it will take some of the strain out of cranking it up, on me, not the hoist! I've also looked through the new Overton catalog so many times it looks like last years issue already. I really envy you guys in the south who can get a full season of boating in.


    I have a 4000# hoist here in Michigan and am located on a back bay with little water current. Fortunately I can keep the hoist in the water year round. I store my pontoon on it in the winter. I have 3 jet ski hoists that I do take out and have to put back into the water every season. I cannot imagine the pain in the _ss the boat hoist must be every season.
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