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    175br, trim problem-gctid801545

    I recently bought a 2006 175 BR. I put it today just to run it around before the season. When I was putting it on the trailer the trim started acting funny. I got the trim up but it would not go back down. Once I got it out of the water I was checking it out. It would go all the way up and would start to go down but on its way down would just start raising back up. Anyone have any ideas?

    In my 10 years with my 2007 175, I had two trim issues. In once case, the trim motor would actuate but the trim would not go down, though it would go up. Turned out the "seal caps" on the ends of the hydraulic rams had corroded and were putting pressure on shaft that was preventing it from going down.

    In the second case, the "up" solenoid failed. There are two solenoids; on for up (connected with a blue wire, think blue sky), and one for "down," connected with, I think, a green or brown wire (green or brown for dirt?). They are located on a stalk that is starboard of the battery (at least on the 2007). Access

    Though if you are pushing the "down" switch and the drive is going up.....I can't help you with that one......


      I have had the same problem with my 2006 175BR. There is a 3 wire plug in the connection from the trim pump to the solenoids. I have had to wiggle that plug connection in order to make contact.. Also check the connection at the solenoid. Blue wire is up, think Sky. Green wire is down, think Grass.
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        Good suggestions!

        Start by checking the connections at the solenoid...usually corroded. also run a jumper wire between those wires to verify.
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