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    First Boat for Me and advice-gctid800698

    I have grown up with boats in the family all my life but my father and brother owned them, I was in the Navy moving around for 28 years and never owned my own boat. Retired now in Southern CA, (FL NATIVE and going back in a few years) and I have had the Boat bug for quite some time. Looking hard at a 2007 185 BR with 4.3 I/O with 200 hours on it. It was very well maintained, garaged when not used. All vinyl is original and well cared for. We are planning to purchase it this week. I have never operated a I/O before and at first was very reluctant to get anything but an outboard as those are all we have ever used. I have reviewed many posts here and see a lot of great advice. It will be primarily used for 3-5 people for pleasure boating, some tubing. Some salt water and fresh as well in area lakes. I will garage the boat at home, it will fit, fold away tongue helps. The boat is exceptionally clean and we will water test it this weekend. Is a survey a deal that I should ABSOLUTELY do? What are my main concerns for this type boat prior to purchase? It is from a local reseller of used boats, an 18 is the biggest I can fit in the garage so no bigger is desired. Any and all advice is welcome. I have heard some horror stories on used boats now and then but also some on new. I can get a 2002 Four Winns fish and ski and a Glastron 2003 BR at the same place for about the same money and all have the 4.3 but the others are Volvo. I really like the set up of the Bayliner the best. Advice?

    Welcome! The brands of hulls aside, they are all constructed by basically the same process with the exception of the newer Glastron which uses a vacuum mold process instead of hand rolling the air out. Water intrusion to the transom reinforcement is an issue with any brand and is very repairable but it is major surgery. You can identify any soft wood in the transom yourself using a small ball peen hammer and tapping around on the inside of the transom listening for a thud sound. If you are not confident doing this, you could hire a surveyor, but it for your piece of mind not any requirement or, to my knowledge, customary in this size boat. How's that for a disclaimer?

    The 4.3 is a great engine, IMO. My soon to be sold boat has a pair of them with over 1000 hours on them since 2001. Make sure the raw water impellers are new this season, and the bellows covering the ujoints is not cracked. My experience is rubber that goes back and forth between the water and dry storage degrades faster than full time in the water, but that's just me. For that reason I would be inclined to have a certified mercruiser mechanic look it over.

    Thanks for your service in the Navy. Were you ever at Navy Base Everett?
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      Thanks for the advice. No Everett, I did 22 years East Coast from Newport to Norfolk to Charleston to Mayport and my last 6 in Yokosuka Japan and then somehow got lured to San Diego for work, go figure. Did Knox class frigates, Aegis Destroyer and three Aegis Cruisers.


        Firstly, let me say "thank you for protecting our freedoms that we enjoy" seems like a great boat with low hours. I bought my 2012 late summer 2015. It had 32 hours on when I brought her home. Currently she sits in our driveway, just got her out of storage, and the clock reads 141 based on that, it seams like very low hours to me, but I also live on a lake and can be pulling away from the dock within minutes of deciding to take the boat out.

        When I started looking for a bowrider, i really had no brand "loyalty" but after seeing the many manufacturers and their floorplans and interior set ups, I also liked the way that the Bayliner 185 was set up. We have the standard seating, not the sport seating and I really like the open space behind the captain's seat. The 185 especialkynwith the 4.3 will certainly fulfill your boating "plans" no problem. I agree as mentioned, the sales agent should have no problem with you having a mechanic look at it. I didn't know ANYTHING really when I first started to look at boats summer of 2015, but these small boats are pretty front and center as far as issues I think. Again, as mentioned soft flooring or transom is a concern. I may be wrong in this assumption, but the boat is realtor very new in years, and especially in hours ......what is the "realistic" probability of a water intrusion problem? It's not a 1997 with 1000 hours on her. You said she is in very good condition and always stored indoors and it probably shows.

        As far as the I/O is concerned, personally I like the looks of a small boat with an I/O as opposed to an outboard....cleaner looking. I don't boat in salt water, so I am biased as I don't have to flush my engine every time after use either. Any friends that have had a boat that may be able to take a sea trial with you? Maybe ask around, guys you work with, your local auto mechanic may know someone, a neighbor etc. the one in that I can say is that the boating "brotherhood" is very strong....every boat owner was a first time boat owner at some point and remembers how intimidating a boat purchase can be. I would bet that any one of them, would offer assistance if asked.

        I didn't answer many questions, but I hope I help somewhat. Just be sure to get it out on the water first before purchasing..., make sure it has plenty of time to warm up and get the temp about 175* for a period of time running her to be sure that she doesn't overheat. Like if buying a car, try each button and make sure that it operates what it is supposed to and that the corresponding system is operable...

        Please keep us posted with updates and know it didn't happen without pics!
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