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Height of 192 Discovery on Trailer-gctid395541

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    Height of 192 Discovery on Trailer-gctid395541

    Can anyone tell me the overall height of a 192 discovery when it is on factory trailer?

    Will it fit throught a 7 foot high door? 8 foot door?



    I am not certain, but I doubt that a 192 on the factory trailer would fit under a 7' door.

    When I stand next to it, the midship cleats are about eye-level and the entire windshield is above my head. I am 5'7", and the windshield is probably 15-18" tall. That would make the entire package 7' or taller.

    Also, if you look at the specs, Bayliner says that boat as a hull draft of 1'6" and a bridge clearance of 4'11". I think those two numbers add up to be close to the total height of the boat. I am confident that the trailer holds the boat more than 6" off the ground.

    I would expect the boat to fit under an 8' door.

    Sorry, I don't have an exact height.


      Thanks Paul. I think you are right.


        hi ,i purchaced a new 192 last year on a karavan garage door height is 2.3m which i think is 7 foot 6 inches,it just went under by about 10mm or 3/8",i have since lowered the bunks by 2 inches.It tows better and is easy to take of the trailer ,can post some pics of the brakets if you ,like ,hope that helps