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Water on starboard side.... 2005 205 BR-gctid393326

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  • Water on starboard side.... 2005 205 BR-gctid393326

    The past couple of times out on the lake, I have notice quite a bit of water on the starboard side of the cockpit of my 2005 205 BR. You will usually see it first on the carpet in front of the rear starboard seat. Last time I noticed it up the starboard side causing puddling where the side rail is for storage. By the time we were done, there was wet carpet at my feet under the steering well. No one was in the water, so it wasn't dripping from swimmers.

    While the boat was on the water, there was quite a bit of water around the trim pump. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but there was water coming dripping from the electrical condoit as well. There wasn't enough water in the bilge to set off the automatic pump at any time.

    Has anyone has any issues like this? I'm not exactly sure where to start.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Is your speedo tube leaking under the dash where it plugs into the speedo


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      Great question... Would that cause the water to accumulate towards the stern? I am out of town now, but can check it when we return. I also didn't mention that the only gauges currently working are the engine temp and the trim. The speedo, tach, and battery recently stopped working.


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        I had a speedo tube come off one time water pooled under dash and ran down the side storage slots. it is a long shot but maybe....


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          Can be tricky to track this down, visible water can be very far from an actual leak. Water will travel a long way but seldom 'up' so trace it to the highest wet point you can find. I'd be checking for the following if it was happening on my boat:
          • Speedo tube
          • Thru-hulls, especially the ones near the stern (bilge pump...)
          • Cooling water squirting out from a bad gasket when the engine is running (might need to look while the engine is under load at speed, be very careful here!)
          • Leaks around the hull/deck/gunnel seam especially around the stern/transom area
          • Any other fasteners that run all the way thru the transom or swim platform like the ladder, ski tow eye, etc

          Good luck and be sure to let us know what you find :-)


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            +1 on the speedo tube


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              Check your rear cupholders in the gunwales. If full of water, you may be cutting your turns a little tight and off plane. Happened to me on the port side once. Didn't realize what happened until i was cleaning the boat at end of the day. Gunwale storage area was soaked but all else was dry.


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                Wondering if op found problem


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                  jamie mac wrote:
                  Wondering if op found problem
                  No answers as of yet... Pulling her out of the water this week to go through everything. I'll keep you posted...