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2010 Baliner 175-gctid392668

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    2010 Baliner 175-gctid392668

    so the last 2 times out my 175 has started something that has me bit concerned.

    when I am up on plane and trimmed up a bit, I will be cruising along and out of nowhere a loud rattles starts, It seems to be coming from the engine compartment. I throttle and trim down and the sound goes away.

    I was also able to get the noise to happen when on plan trim was all the way down and started turning side to side quickly, just hold the wheel at 12 O'clock and got 9 O'clock to 3 O'clock several times and it started, the noise stayed there until I throttled down and came off of plane.

    also a couple of times I was up on plane and trimmed up and when lowered the trim rather than throttling down first the noise would started until I throttle down.

    each time I noticed the tach when this happens it seems to be around 4300 rpms or so.

    any ideas?

    I'd check your U-joints


      at the risk of sounding realy stupid

      is there an easy way to do that?

      I bought the boat new aug 2010 and think I should still have warranty on it


        You have to pull the drive off to check them. If the boat is under warranty, then bring it in and let the dealer deal with it.


          do the U-joints fall under the 3year motor warranty?


            detonation (pinging) can sometimes be referred to as a rattling noise. seeing as it was doing it when moving the outdrive side to side i like the idea of it being u-joint related as well, but if that doesn't pan out I would start looking into the possibility of the engine detonating. Don't know what kind of gas you use but I have been told that the 3.0 can be a little finicky with fuel, especially when it's warm out or if the engine is hot and is put under load. I have personally seen bad gas cause a lot of problem on vehicles. Make sure you are using a brand name gas (ie chevron [my favorite because they use techron which is an excellent fuel system/engine cleaner] shell, texaco. If you already are, I also know some people end up running higher octane gas to help with some issues. Just a few suggestions.


              I usually use Shell gas 89 octane

              I am pretty sure it's not gas related been using the same gas since I bought the boat, but then again the gas could have changed

              the rattling noise doesn't sound like vales. The best way I could descrbe it is if you had a large CHEAP cresent wrench, you know the cheap one with lots of slop in the lower jaw held it near the end of the hndle and shook it hard and fast causing the jaw to rattle,

              but LOUDER!!


                It sounds like something vibrating at a certain freq. Have you done a basic check of all the bits to make sure nothing is loose?

                I am not sure if you have power steering it could be the pump?

                If you can reproduce the noise easily then next time you are out take someone with you remove the engine cover and go hunting...

                Good luck Rattles can be a pain.


                  I have thought about the power steering pump as well

                  about 2 weeks ago there was a slight nickle size spot under the pump in the hull and the mounting bracket was damp with fuild. but I cleaned it up and it hasn't come back

                  the pump is why I tried the quick movement of the wheel to see if it brought the noise on, and it did

                  I was thinking about the next time out removing the belt for the power steering pump and see if I could get the noise to happen


                    The rule of thumb is if you have a 'noise' at either hard starboard, or hard port, then your u-joint (you only have one) has gone 'south'.

                    The newest u-joints are perma-sealed, and you may have some water being introduced into that area.

                    The other possibility will be the gimbal bearing...and both can be ruled out with a simple removal of the outdrive. That is easy to do, but not everyone will be willing to do this.

                    See if your warranty covers these concerns, and if not we will be here to guide your through.

                    Happy boating1
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                      Do you have a smart phone because if so video it picking up the noise and post it here.


                        I had the exact same sound from an older Reinell that I had, or what seems to be similar sounding. It was my alternator.


                          Sounds from the great 175. For me it was the steering cable and throttle cable hitting the fiberglass under gunwale. Check that too! I ened up straping mine down with velcro straps to hold them close together.


                            My experience. Take a look at this thread I started.op



                              I recorded the noise my engine is making and played it for the service department manager at the marina

                              he said he could hear it on the recording but after checking the boat out in the tank he then said he couldn't tell anything from the phone recording and there was nothing wrong with the boat

                              with the wind in the recording it is a little hard to hear and the volume of the chatter doesn't seem as dramatic as it does when on the boat but you can hear the noise in the recording

                              now just to figure out how to attach the recording to this page! LOL

                              I used my iphone and just recorded a video