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Kicker mount for swimstep on Capri 1952-gctid750851

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    Kicker mount for swimstep on Capri 1952-gctid750851

    Anyone installed the Garlick outboard motor mount on the swimstep? I have a 15 HP Yamaha short shaft (78lbs) from a zodiac that I might use, otherwise I will buy another kicker with a longer shaft. I want to use it for salmon trolling in puget sound. I' m not sure I want to drill holes in the transom for another mount, but would consider it if it can be done successfully.

    What has been your experience with kicker mounts for Capri 1952?

    Thanks for any help.

    I have the same boat as you, I wouldn't recommend putting the kicker on the swim step. I installed a garelick bracket on the opposite side and have a Suzuki 9.9 4 stroke long shaft on it. works well for me and evens out the weight when I am at the helm.

    Bayliner 1952 Capri Cuddy