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Bolster Buddy or replace pedestal on helm seat??-gctid749861

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    Bolster Buddy or replace pedestal on helm seat??-gctid749861

    does anyone have and use a bolster buddy on their helm seat?.....I'm thinking either getting the 6" one or replacing the pedestal with one that goes from 11.75 to 14"...... the existing pedestal is 8" fixed

    having a captains chair with the flip up bolster is on my list of must haves. I do nothing but skiing and wake boarding
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      i had awsa boat (by sanger) for 10 years and had the same issues and needed a bolster buddy.

      I bought a taylormade rafting cusion:

      it was perfect for me as a bolster buddy. and, I used it as it was intended, as a rafting cusion.

      when I sold that boat, I kept the rafting cusions, which are now about 20 years old.

      they are HANDY bumpers, of a unique shape.
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        There is good visibility through the windscreen when fully seated, but the only time I actually sit in my Captain's helm bucket seat like a chair is when I'm at anchor. When underway, I'm either standing or leaning/sitting on the flipped up bolster. Couldn't live without it - even if my pedestal raised/lowered (which it doesn't), I'm sure I'd still be using the bolster.

        My wife actually doesn't like that the port side helm seat also isn't a Captain's chair with flip up bolster. The port side helm seat is actually an extension of the port side bench seat with a backrest that sits too low for visibility - not just for helping keep an eye on other boat traffic, but for enjoying the views too.
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          thanks aspen......great idea, I just ordered one. I like the idea for that same money as a booster I get a fender also.