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    Water in Bilge-gctid748065

    New to me 89 2150 Capri. Out for the first time yesterday. After four hours noticed about 2-3 gallons of water in the bilge.

    It had been dry before we left.

    Checked engine today and no leaking hoses etc.

    Water may have come from the front of the boat somewhere. Speedo isn't working so that is a possibility but

    My question is as follows. This boat sat for five years. Was fairly well covered except for the past four months.

    There was water leaking in from rain etc.

    Are there pockets in the bottom of this boat where water could sit until being on the water moves it around enough to leak back into the aft?

    It had been slightly tilted on the trailer for five years..

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    From observation it appears that was water running along the starboard side. Along the stringer one up from the keel. I know because there were some dead ants and dirt in there and they are now gone.


    The first thing I would do is inspect the bellow.If it sat foe 5 years more then likely they are dried out and cracked.
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      If the speedo isn't working then check the small black hose that should be connected to the speedo, it's sending waterpressure from the gearleg to the speedo and it can take a lot of water into the boat if it's disconnected or broken.

      Don't ask how I know that
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        Where you in fresh water or salt water? We keep our boat in salt water so everytime I run the bilge I check and make sure what is coming out is fresh water and not salt.

        I know that my boat traps some water up front and it doesn't drain until I use the boat and the bow is elevated.


          Thanks for the answers.

          Bellows are good. Checked before launch when I had the drive off. I still have to check the speedo cable while the boat is underway. We are on the St. Lawrence / Lake Ontario so it's all fresh water.

          Will continue searching.



            I had this problem with my 185 BR, and it ended up being the garboard drain. I unscrewed it, used sikaflex to seal the old screw holes. I turned it slightly, drilled new holes and used stacks of sikaflex in the new holes and between the transom and garboard drain, used new screws, and no problems since.


            Good luck,

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              I have an 88 2150, just redid the floor. The drains are 1" pvc through the bulkheads and stringers. A few of mine were almost fully clogged by poorly laid glass and were plugged up with gunk accumulated over 28 years. You may have a similar situation causing water to pool in the fore section of hull.

              Also check the swim platform lower mount and transom eye bolt holes. They go all the way through the transom and the sealant may have failed.
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                +1 with Mr.bent though I know it to be true from personal experience. Speedo not working due to bad fitting in the leg led to water in the bilge.


                  I was changing some gauges and disconnected the speedo, forgot to plug the hose :blush: water everywhere and a LOT of it :blush:
                  1995 Bayliner 2452
                  Alpha 1 Gen II
                  2016 - 5.7 Vortec 4BBL
                  Full Closed Cooling