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    BaylinerEddy wrote:
    On our outing this weekend, Theres was dew, A LOT, on the boat when i was up at sunrise to get a fire going and start the day (Boat Camping). That and climbing in and out of the boat the whole weekend is adding up to what i was seeing. When i pulled the boat from the lake today, A little came out. My other half happened to be following me this time, and said when i went up a high grade she saw water coming out of the drain. When we got home and parked the boat, i put the boat on a high angle because i saw just a little in the ski locker and the higher angle drained more. So all this time i was not getting all of it out and it would just add to the little bit that was already there making it look like alot was in there. Vacation next week, 4 days at Big Bear Lake!!!!

    Keep ya posted........

    You may want to check you drains between the locker and the bilge, sometimes they get blocked with leaves etc and could be adding to the draining problem. I always get some water coming out but only the water I and the family take in with us when climbing in and out etc. We don't have docks where we go so getting wet is part of boating....

    The other thought is make sure your covers come off on nice days, this helps dry the boat out, if you leave the covers on you just end up moving all the moisture into the carpets or anything else that will soak it up once it evaporates.

    I have seen these cool solor vents that keep fresh air in side your boat, you can get them to sit on your cover pole. Fantastic idea....


      Went to my Bayliner dealer and looked at a 160 OB and a 180 OB. They both do not have the bilge drain in the splash well. I looked at my boat VIN and it looks like it was born in Feb of 2012. Pretty boats!