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So the saga continues !-gctid386513

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    So the saga continues !-gctid386513

    So, Sunday my 16 year old giant football playing son says lets go fishing. I said Tues. shapes up to be the best day weather wise. Monday morning both of us move around the 5 cars so i can pull the truck up and hook up the boat to the truck that went well nothing else.

    With me directing he hooks up the mickey ears and turns on the water and he try's to start the boat it's turning not catching.

    So i haul my old @ss up and it doesn't want to start for me ether. So after 4 hours in the burning sun after every single connection cleaned and installed, i finally get her started, but it's running real rough. And when i advance the throttle the rpm gauge hits around 1000 and starts going down and the engine wants to quit. I say to myself " Self wtf 1 or 2 cylinder ain't firing " 2 weeks ago when we went fishing the f'n boat ran like a top .

    So i pull the plugs, and 2 and 3 are wet. I found the culprits. I tell you my son when i got done is a expert now i put on a tutorial and explained every step and why i was performing it. And ever tool i used and the proper way to use it.

    So off came the dist cap again, how i missed it is beyond me but i never wiggled the shaft. I said to my son you wiggle the shaft tell me what you think, he says dad the shaft is loose why? Cause i said your dad is a ole' fart and the heat and frustration is getting to me.

    In my basement is sitting another dist, out of the old motor a 2.5l in the boat is a 3.0l / 140. I tell him where and what the dist. is wrapped up in and go find it. I knew it would at least a half hour with him going thru all the parts to find it, i wanted him to know what inventory is down there.

    After 2 bottles of cold water and me sitting and thinking, i pull out the manual, and leave it at the correct page on the bench.

    He comes up with it says dad this one looks to be exactly like the one in the boat. I said it is. But the one in your hand is perfect and the shaft is not worn out. And it has brand new points gaped correctly and the condenser is brand new also.

    Go look up the specs and how to yank out the dist your ole' dad is about to have another heart attack your going to have to do it.

    Sure enough he does it installs the new old dist, hooks all the wires up with only crossing the 2 center wires but he found the mistake after i told him to look up the firing order. He say to me i should have done that first.

    Sure enough he turns on the water, it fires right up. He tweaks the timing, he adjusts the idle, he calls his friends and he puts all the tools away, he disconnects the battery and he looks up the next day we can go on the water Sat. looks to be when he's free, and the tides and the weather looks good.
    Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

    1994 2452, 5.0l, Alpha gen. 2 drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

    '86 / 19' Citation cuddy, Merc. 3.0L / 140 hp 86' , stringer drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

    Manalapan N.J

    That's a great story... good father/son time and he learned about engines and probably more than that too...

    I have twin boys that are 12 and love it when they want to learn about "guy" stuff with me.



      Awesome story Chief, one your son will remember for a lifetime!

      Thanks for sharing!


        Thank you Chief for sharing...