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185 owners, where did ya mount yer fish finders!-gctid385531

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    185 owners, where did ya mount yer fish finders!-gctid385531

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of attempting to mount a humminbird 170 fish finder in my 2004 185 and I am at my wits end! I just can't seem to find a spot that,

    1. Doesn't interfere with the controls or steering,

    2. Doesn't block the view of any of the gauges, and

    3. Just looks good,

    Any advice or ideas you folks might have would be greatly appreciated!


    I mounted a piece of marine plywood spray painted black to the drivers side window brace with a couple U bolts. then I added ram mounts that let me put my Garmin handheld GPS, Sirius radio, and just screwed fish finder to it. The ram mounts let me adjust them to my liking. The picture is the only one I could find of it.

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      found a pic from the back, if you look where the window support mounts at the bottom you can see the plywood that is painted black

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        I can't address your 185 personally, but I found a way to use mine in a 175.

        I have a drink cup holder on my right, and I had a local cabinet shop make me a wood insert that would support my fish finder. I can remove it when anchored, and use it for other things....

        Happy boating!
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          Not exactly to your specs, but maybe close enough to give you some ideas...



            This is for the 2011 185.

            Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/691082=28332-2011-08-07_11-50-59_661.jpg[/img]


              Sorry no picks but I put mine on the right hand side like the post above.

              The only problem here is just the driver can see it, when we are trolling it is hard to see from the back of the boat.

              If you can mount on the left hand side I think this would be a better spot for ease of use.