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    New stereo installed-gctid382684

    Finished installing the new stereo last evening, and I'm pretty happy with the results.The new stereo face plate is smaller than the original, I need to figure out what to do with the four screw holes that are now uncovered. Sound quality is fantastic, it certainly can go alot louder than the OEM equipment, but I changed it out mainly because of the sound quality and iPod control capability. My iPod actually goes inside the stereo and can be controlled by the stereo or the transom-mounted remote. Plus it charges the entire time it's in use. Much better than the generic AV-input jack.The installs went pretty smoothly, though since the OEM radio was a different brand, I had to cut all the wires and use the new Sony wire harness. Luckily the colors were nearly identical (industry standard?). The speakers were trickier than I expected, they use 5 screws rather than 5 so I had to drill all new holes.I used a high-speed dremel with a cutting bit for all the holes, including the large one for the remote. It worked really well and since I covered the surface with masking tape first, I had no problems with the gelcoat.Here's a trick I used to keep the inside of the boat from filling with fiberglass dust when I cut out the transom holes: I taped a trash bag to the inside of the transom all around where the hole would be, then all the inside dust went right into the bag. It worked beautifully.This is what I installed:
    • Sony DSX-MS60 stereo
    • Sony RM-X60M transom remote
    • Infinity Reference 612m speakers

    Here are some pics.





    very nice!!! I like those speakers and that transom remote!




        nice! They make face plates to cover the holes. Any stereo shop would have them.