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Stearing wheel on my 185-gctid381208

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  • Chesapeake
    I replaced mine two years ago. Did not need anything special. Make sure you save the existing mounting hardware. The nut that attaches the steering wheel on, is shallow. Do not lose it. Also you probably have a key that fits into the splines. You can get a larger or smaller wheel, just make sure you have room to operate the boat if you get a larger steering wheel.

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    Guest started a topic Stearing wheel on my 185-gctid381208

    Stearing wheel on my 185-gctid381208

    The plastic stearing will on my 185 needs to be replaced. What all do I need one I buy a new one? do I need a new hub or can I use the factory one? Also can I go bigger or smaller then the factory one or does it have to be the same size?