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2011 Bowrider 185 water pooling question-gctid380303

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    2011 Bowrider 185 water pooling question-gctid380303

    I have the sport seating with the sundeck and on the starboard side you can remove the seat cushion as well as 2 small cushions from the sun pad to make a walk thru when boarding the vessel from the swim platform.

    I really like this feature, however, I have one complaint and wondering if this would be a good idea or a bad idea:

    I may need some pictures for this and forgive my lack of terminology as I don't even know what it would be called just know how to describe it.

    where the seat cushion goes its held in place by a recess in the fiberglass and a handle on the under side of the cushion. that recess is always holding water and so when we clean it we have to make sure that we either use a towel or something to get as much water out of it then use paper towels to dry it.

    I was curious if it wouldn't hurt to take a 1/4inch drill bit and drill a hole to allow the water to drain below vs pooling in that recess.

    I can provide pictures when I get home tonight if need be.

    any suggestions, for some reason that standing water there bothers me...LOL?

    you won't hurt my feelings if you say "just deal with it not an issue"


    maybe its something that I should wait to do til the warranty is up so it won't void anything?

    I don't think you need to worry about voiding any warranty, but personally I'd rather have the water there on the outside of the gelcoat than in the bilge.

    Now if you want to run a small drain hose from it and connect into the thru-hull fitting for the bilge pump, that'd be ok in my book. First you'd need to confirm that the area to be drained is higher than that thru-hull fitting though or it won't work.

    I don't have the sport seating, but I do know that after washing the boat, or coming back from a day at the beach, there are lots of little areas where water pools, I go over the entire boat with a towel afterwards just to be sure I get it all. After all, these boats do have wood in them.


      Water (and dampness) in your bilge is far more harmful than any standing water around your gelcoat...if this were mine, I would just dry it when it occurs.

      As for a warranty issue, there is nothing defective in what you described. All boat owners have places that can retain water, and learn where they are and deal with it!

      Happy boating!
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        as far as the warranty goes I meant if I were to modify anything (ie drill a hole) not that was anything defective.

        we've been doing a good job of cleaning it after every use so now it only takes about 20mins of cleanup (wash and rinse) when we get home after a full day so I can live with just wiping those "pooling" spots down.

        Thanks for the responses. it was bugging me and didn't know if anybody did any cleaver but not a real big issue.

        I appreciate it.


          I know exactly what you are talking about. I clean and dry out those spots during and after every outing.